Quick Hits – Happy Thanksgiving!

The ghost of journalism past

So, last night we went to see author and humorist David Sedaris at Aurora’s splendiferous Paramount Theater. If you haven’t enjoyed the rare privilege of watching Mr. Sedaris masterfully apply satire, I would heartily encourage you to leap at the very next opportunity.

And I do love the Paramount, but I digress.

Only my longer-term readers will truly understand the irony of this, but as we turned right from our seats into the main aisle after the show, I suddenly found myself face-to-face with none other than former Kane County chairman and former state senator Karen McConnaughay.

McConnaughay 3

For those who don’t know, Ms. McConnaughay may not have invented the art of pay-to-play, but she certainly perfected it, and former Beacon-News reporter Dan Campana and I exposed the former chairman for exactly who and what she is.

And the pallor that quickly engulfed her face as I stood a mere two feet from her was a clear indication that she was not at all happy to see me at all. And I’m such a nice guy, too!

The other unmistakable irony is, Mr. Sedaris’ dry and piercing wit is not unlike my own, but Ms. McConnaughay utterly failed to appreciate it when it was applied to her.


I’m thankful that the conversation continues

I know there are days I want to move on from this non-paying journalistic endeavor, but as my favorite holiday rapidly approaches, even after 12.5 long years of going at it, I’m incredibly grateful that you, dear reader, are still interested in what I have to say.


Not only that, but my favorite former managing editor called me yesterday to say the recent comment-based blog conversation was, as he put it, “superb.” And whether we agree or disagree, isn’t that the entire point?

Like so many of you, I’m bleepin’ tired of all the partisan shrieking, so it’s kinda nice to have a venue where the discourse is rational, civil, and frequently fascinating. And I certainly couldn’t do that without you!

So, it’s in that very vein that I must insist you all have an exceptional Thanksgiving. Quick Hit’s will resume Monday, November 26.

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Have some time off and a great Thanksgiving and give em hell next week

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving, sir

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