Quick Hits Supplemental – Now We’re Running Down Candidates?

Quick Hits Supplemental – Now We’re Running Down Candidates?

Apparently unhappy with last night’s election results, Schaumburg Township Republican precinct committeeman, Mark Cramer, drove over to 44th District State Rep Fred Crespo’s victory party at Garsillo’s Italian Bar and Grill on Golf Road in Hoffman Estates, waited for him in the parking lot, and, when he appeared, purposely ran him down with his vehicle.

Fred Crespo

Thankfully, Crespo suffered only minor injuries, and after pressing charges, he continued on to enjoy the evening’s festivities.

Is this really what we’ve come to? Some of last night’s election results really flummoxed me, but I never once considered running someone over with my Ford Ranger because of them. And whatever charge Mr. Cramer will soon be facing certainly won’t be small potatoes.

And BTW, my source for this story was a staunch Republican elected official who’s bothered by this scenario as much or even more than I am.

C’mon people! Let’s all take a step back, a deep breath, and remember that the political pendulum never stays in one place for too long.


11/8/28 Update! Sources are now telling me that Cramer merely “bumped” Crespo while shouting “Fuck you Fred Crespo,” and this somehow happened right in front of the Hoffman Estates Police Department.

Also, I’ve learned that Mark Cramer hasn’t been a Schaumburg precinct committeeman since January of 2018. I appreciate the folks that corrected me.

I have passed the story along to the Daily Herald who are much more suited to cover this kind of simple story than I am.

15 thoughts on “Quick Hits Supplemental – Now We’re Running Down Candidates?

  1. As Schaumburg Township Republican Committeeman, let me make something perfectly clear and to make a correction for this post, Mark Cramer is NOT a Schaumburg Township Republican precinct captain. He was relieved of that position very early in 2018.

  2. Where is the police report? Was Fred Crespo taken to a hospital to be treated for his injuries? Trying to run someone down with your car is definitely a crime. Was Mark Kramer arrested? Did Fred Crespo comment anywhere on the incident?

    1. John,

      I turned the story over to the Daily Herald because I’m a solo operation. From what I understood, Fred wouldn’t respond to them, so they didn’t run the story.

      I believe Kramer was arrested, but I have no clue as to the outcome of that arrest.


  3. Do you think by chance Mr Crespo faked the whole thing with his buds in the street on that dark night? Seems strange no ambulance was called and no charges were filed. Political stunt? LMAO. NEXT!!!

  4. Jeff,
    You said that you believe Mark Kramer was arrested. I called Hoffman Estates and they said he wasn’t. Can you please call them to confirm and eliminate this article off your blog if it is incorrect?

    Thank you

  5. Jeff,
    Your comment on January 30th 4:02 PM States “I believe Kramer was arrested”.
    Unless you have definitive proof of this please remove it.
    Additionally, their article said that Crespo pressed charges. I don’t believe this is accurate either. Unless you have proof of this can you please remove your article?

    Thank you

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