Quick Hits is Postponed!

Dear Readers,

Due to spending the majority of my morning at the sports doc, and subsequently setting up a slew of physical therapy appointments, today’s quick hits will run tomorrow.


It will be then when, in reference to the Cook County Judge who referred to a female prosecutor as a “puta,” we’ll cover why too many 16th Circuit Judges shouldn’t be judges.

Until then!

Meanwhile it’s back to physical therapy for me and no running for two months. Fuck!

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits is Postponed!

  1. Well never having met you but judging by your pictures I assume not a sports injury
    Did you reach for a 12 oz beer and get a 16 oz beer and throw your back out?
    Come through tomorrow because you are highlight of my week and I know that is really really pathetic

    • Jim,

      I got a new allergist who has me breathing better than I have in 30 years. I grew up with asthma and am still allergic to anything green or that walks on four feet.

      As a result of the better breathing I tripled my monthly running mileage and ramped it up to 7:30 second miles, neither of which should be attempted by a 60 year-old man.

      And I have no one to blame but me!

      But I do appreciate being the highlight of your week!


  2. Jeff try alcohol the cause of and the solution to all life’s problems

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