Quick Hits – August 3, 2018

Doesn’t she bear some responsibility?

Before I get more death threats, I want to be perfectly clear that “revenge porn” – the nonconsensual sharing of compromising photographs or videos of a former paramour – is never OK. I don’t care how horrific a breakup might be, not only is that kind of violation of trust a felony in Illinois, but it says far more about the picture poster than the victim.

And revenge porn is particularly egregious when it’s perpetrated by a Republican State Rep who sits on the Springfield anti-sexual harassment task force. Why is it almost always a Republican legislator?


You probably already know that first-term Lake Barrington State Rep Nick Sauer admitted to creating an artificial Instagram account intended to distribute nude photographs of a former girlfiend and subsequently encourage interested males in graphic conversations.

For reasons I can’t begin to fathom, Sauer started this bizarre behavior shortly after they started dating, which means it’s technically not an act of “revenge.” But that has no bearing here because the statute clearly covers the publication of sexual images without the consent of everyone involved.

Though he quickly resigned and brought his reelection campaign to a screeching halt, that’s gonna be the least of Mr. Sauer’s worries. He’s looking at one to three years in prison and 25 grand in fines – per revenge porn count! And the law enforcement agencies involved love to make an example out of politicians.

But while no one should ever be subjected to this kind of public humiliation for any reason, shouldn’t the ex-girlfriend bear some of the responsibility for her unfortunate plight?

First, she and our fine former State Rep met on Tinder. Though it’s not a completely fair portrayal, for the uninitiated, the Tinder app is widely regarded as the best means to a quick hookup. It’s the place to go if you want to skip all those dating niceties.

The bottom line is, anyone whom avails themselves of Tinder knows what they’re getting into.

So, it’s only fair to call into question the judgement of any individual who would share nude photographs with someone she barely knew from a hookup app. In this undeleteable Internet age, even if they met through something as mild as Match.com, I just don’t get this whole naked picture exchange thing.

Again, the woman involved is clearly the victim, and I truly hope the judge teaches Sauer a lesson he won’t soon forget, but this scenario completely diminishes those #MeToo women who played absolutely no rule in their abuse.


Baseball players! Delete your Twitter account now!

And speaking of items never departing the Net, it would seem that Milwaukee Brewers’ relief ace Josh Hader isn’t the only major league player with a bad Twitter habit. Since we last spoke on this issue, Yankee’s starter Sonny Gray, Braves’ starter Sean Newcomb, and Nationals’ shortstop Trea Turner have all become the subject of old homophobic and/or racist Tweets.

Much like Hader’s high school tweets, Newcomb’s and Turner’s were issued when they were merely 18, which I will continue to contend is a mitigating factor. If any of us were forced to watch a movie of our entire high school career we’d probably go into a permanent cringe.

I’m still inclined to afford Gray semi-absolution for tweeting stupid shit as an occasionally imbecilic 22-year-old minor leaguer, and I’m bettin’ alcohol was involved. But as comedian Craig Ferguson quipped in regard to Mel Gibson, “I was a blackout drunk for 15 years and I never went full “Third Reich” on anybody’s ass at any point.”

So, some sensitivity and tolerance training might not be a bad thing in his case.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees

But, c’mon people! Do you really want to “out” yourself like this on social media? Hasn’t President Orangeman Group made it clear how intolerant and truly stupid Tweets can truly come back around to bite you in the butt?

Regular folks might get excoriated locally or lose a job, but our four major leaguers are paying a much higher price because now they’re being booed off the field on a regular basis.

I’d like to apply my favorite TV judge’s somewhat favorite axiom here, “Say it forget it; write it regret it,” but I know none of y’all are gonna listen. You’re just going to keep putting that bullshit out there and ranting about freedom of speech when you get called out.

Just put the cell phone down and walk away!


I’m still in love with Pope Frank!

Not only did he take the unprecedented step of stripping a sexually abusing Cardinal from his office, but he just let conservative Catholics know – in no uncertain terms – that the death penalty is “inadmissible in all cases.” To add insult to conservative injury, he also insisted that the faithful consider helping the poor and migrants to be equally as important as fighting abortion.

Pope Frank

Then the Pope explained these rulings should apply to all Christians.

In other words, in the tradition of the greatest religious leaders, he called out his flock for being a bunch of flippin’ hypocrites. And that regular popping noise you’ve been hearing is Catholic and Christian heads exploding everywhere.

How long do you think it will be before Fox News labels Pope Francis as the leader of an Argentinian terrorist sleeper cell?

We will be delving into this topic quite a bit more in upcoming columns. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if you can you get arrested for kissing a sitting Pope on the lips?

6 thoughts on “Quick Hits – August 3, 2018

  1. I don’t want to get into specifics about Sauer but what I find interesting is his family pedigree. Can’t there be a politician somewhere in hat isn’t replated to another politician? I read that Joe Walsh’s wife (I assume second wife) wants job or Brian Urlacher’s brother. I guess it is true we don’t want nobody nobody sent
    Jeff you should do a family tree of all the related politicians and government jobs to in Kane

    • Jim,

      They are all connected. And if you go into a countywide elected office, many, but not all of the folks there have connections.

      The thing that mitigates it is, as Bill Daley put it when he came on the radio show, not all patronage is bad.

      During my brief stint in the County Clerks office, I quickly noted all of the family connects, but most of those folks were incredibly competent.


  2. Jeff, suppose this was 30 years ago, and Sauer’s girlfriend had furnished him with nude Polaroids. And suppose that he had them made into a pamphlet that he distributed at dirty bookstores.

    Would she have been equally at fault? No? Then why should she be slut-shamed just because we live in an age where a jerk like Sauer can share such photos with a few keystrokes on his computer?

    Let’s keep the indignation, and the blame, where it belongs.

    • Pan,

      Don’t you get tired of being wrong? If you don’t share nude pictures they, in turn can’t be shared. It’s really that simple.

      And, once again, it’s not indignation, it’s simply pointing out that having met on Tinder and providing him with nude photographs, the outcome wasn’t entire unpredictable.


      • There is a difference between blatant victim blaming-and-shaming and simple precautionary common sense. People don’t seem to understand that concept any more.

      • Jon,

        Exactly! And the reason Sauer’s girlfriend broke up with him is he was seeing other women. What! A guy who avails himself of tinder isn’t monogamous? Who could’ve foreseen that outcome?


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