Quick Hits – Going back to MWF!

With the ‘So You Want to Win a Local Election’ cover in the bag (thank you Erin Tyler), my business coach, Brian Basilico, and I suddenly have quite a bit of marketing work ahead of us to ensure that late October release. And I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with this newly developing forward momentum because it feels like I’ve been pregnant for three long years.

Book Cover

Meanwhile, the dog days of August not only affect our moods, but the news cycle, too. You know things are slow when the current Beacon-News headline is “City to start water main work.”

That paper just loves to be the cure for insomnia!

So, Quick Hits will drop back to its previous Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule for now, but I’m sure the impending midterms will eventually require a little more effort.

What that means is, we’ll be back tomorrow with an analysis of how the Kane County Republican Party chose 33rd District State Senator Karen McConnaughay’s replacement. All I can say is, pray for the local GOP!

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