Quick Hits – $33,000 in Back Child Support?

If you live by the sword, you die by it, too!

When talking with a high-level staffer at the peak of the Elgin-eliminates-basement-homeless-slumber-parties brouhaha, they lamented that the City couldn’t tell the truth about homeless host Greg Schiller, because they knew it would only make the situation worse.

My first response was to commend this individual for their wisdom. Considering the international outcry, adding fuel to that fire would’ve made it a much bigger publicity nightmare than it already was.

My second answer was that “Christians” like Mr. Schiller – the ones who insist on following in the Pharisee at the temple’s footsteps – always manage to hang themselves if you you’re willing to hand them enough rope.

And it would seem Schiller’s publicity seeking propensities were all the rope he really needed.


Before we continue, for those of you who don’t know, Schiller has a long history of feuding with the City of Elgin, church-based homeless ministries, and his neighbors in his self-appointed and self-righteous crusade to “save” the homeless.

When previously using his garage as a homeless shelter, he nearly asphyxiated one of his charges with propane heaters, which forced Elgin to shut that down. When he moved them into his basement in 2017, Elgin took a rather heavy-handed approach by threatening to condemn his girlfriend’s house, which led to a slew of negative news about a city I love.

So, while Schiller has been happily accepting global donations as a result of his newly-found fame, his ex-wife, currently residing in Georgia, came forward to say he owes 33 grand in child support. She said it was “sickening” to see him accept all that cash while he completely ignores his own 12 year-old child.

“My child support isn’t the only thing I owe,” Schiller said, “I owe the IRS a few bucks from my last year of employment before the market crashed, I believe from 2010. I am catching up on all of that.”

Catching up? What’s the rush, Greg? $3,000 in arrears is something you catch up on.  $33,000 in back child support means you have absolutely no intention of paying it. It’s essentially flipping your ex-wife the bird and abandoning your child.

Now we know why he lives in his girlfriend’s home, he doesn’t drive, and doesn’t have an on-the-books job. The child support authorities would slap a lien on any property he owned, they’d revoke his driver’s license, and his wages would be quickly garnished.

He knows exactly what he’s doing!

Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that Schiller’s wife and child could’ve become homeless because he refuses to pay child support? Perhaps God told him he didn’t have to pay it. C’mon! This poor excuse for a man is just another run-of-the-mill hypocritical Christian who uses his “faith” to promote himself and make money.

And it worked, too, until his self-aggrandizing soap box turned out to be the platform right below the swinging noose.

Schiller’s previous contention that only he can reach the most chronically addicted and mentally ill homeless is a patent absurdity he uses to perpetuate his own “myth.” He isn’t helping the homeless, he’s enabling them, and he was willing to throw the City of Elgin under the bus to cash in on it.

I can’t find that in The Ten Commandments anywhere.

So, to all you folks who insist on being part of the new liberal outrage machine, here’s a perfect example of why you want all the facts before you go off in a righteous burst of explosive glory. I’ll repeat this mantra one more time, if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!

Meanwhile, let’s focus on the Elgin folks who do the real charity work:

  • The Community Crisis Center
  • P.A.D.S.
  • Association for Individual Development
  • Family Services Associates
  • Renz Center
  • Ecker Center
  • The Elgin Police Department’s social service arm
  • All of the Elgin churches

and so many more, instead of getting our collective underwear in a bundle over what turns out to be just another false prophet.

Shut up and pay your child support Mr. Schiller!

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – $33,000 in Back Child Support?

  1. Gotta disagree with you on this one.

  2. For every “deadbeat dad” there is a “mo money mama” who makes a career off having multiple children with multiple men and making sure she gets paid every cent of child support and then extorts the father out of further money by saying ” give me more money and I’ll allow you see your kid.”

    The entire system is broken and people need to take accountability for their choices…including moms. So if she ended up homeless, it wasnt just because she didn’t get child support. It because she didn’t fulfill her obligation as a parent to provide for her child as well.

    Considering all of your posts describing yourself as a loving and involved father, I would have thought you believed dads are so much more than a bankroll to their ex. That insinuation is very disheartening.

    • Always 3 sides to every truth. But even if a dad is behind $1 he is a deadbeat dad. Always asked this question, If a father is married and lost his job with kids, he is a jobless father. Once divorced and the same thing happens, he is now a deadbeat dad.Divorced fathers fall behind for many reasons other than not just paying child support. But social justice states otherwise, our broken legal system puts fathers in jail for the sole purpose of advancing State Attorneys and Prosecutors with their careers. Really surprises me that Jeff Ward bashes our legal system in many areas (Especially Judge Dalton who puts all behind in child support), but if he stood for this one story, his readers just might turn their heads because there just can’t be 3 sides to the child support truth. Stacey Sandas, I too feel this is disheartening.

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