Quick Hits – January 17, 2018

What a dick!

So, Democratic Illinois gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy’s response to Republican opponent Jeanne Ives’ Chicago’s gun violence solution was to storm out of West Loop Gate forum sponsored by the Community Renewal Society?

There’s a reason the Democratic Party mascot is a jackass!

Again, Ms. Ives leans far too far to the right, her social thought processes frequently baffle me, and there’s no way I’m going to vote for her, but you have to give her a boatload of credit for being the only conservative candidate to step into that progressive lion’s den.

Kennedy 2

So, Kennedy walks out on her because she provided an answer that didn’t surprise anyone? That sucks! We already have one petty political jerk in the governor’s mansion and we really don’t need another.

Was Ives’ “more fathers in the home” statement a simplistic solution to complex gun violence problem? Yes it was! But it wasn’t that far off, either. And for Kennedy to use that opportunity to, for the 3,783rd time, remind us that his father was assassinated, was beyond the political pale.

To quote Kennedy on Ives, using your murdered father to get elected is “stupid and ignorant,” not to mention morbid, pandering, hypocritical and cringeworthy.

By now, I’m sure you’ve surmised I won’t be voting for this poor excuse of a man anytime soon. I hope I haven’t been too subtle.


We do need more fathers in the home

The answer to Chicago’s systemic gun violence will require wholesale change on a philosophical, economic and leadership level. Ending the drug war wouldn’t hurt either. But to unequivocally state that “more fathers in the home” is all we need demonstrates a massive lack of understanding of a complicated social situation.

But it’s a start!

We’ve all read the studies that show the deleterious effects of absentee fathers on children. Social scientists have correlated the breakdown in the black family structure with the current carnage in Chicago’s inner city. And it was a systematic and institutionalized racism that devalued the black male to the point where the family unit began to disintegrate.


To make matters so much worse, in an incredibly short-sighted and misguided effort, Chicago prosecutors and Police teamed up to jail the established gang chieftains which threw the whole equation into complete chaos. At least you could negotiate with those “leaders” and they, in turn, could reasonably rein in their minions.

But all chopping off those heads did was splinter these gangs into ultra-violent sub-factions which nobody can control. It’s the same dynamic Ives clumsily described – an utter lack of male leadership.

But no! Since too many liberals refuse to take responsibility for themselves, or insist that other folks similarly step up, we’re simply going to discount anything any conservative ever says.

God! I truly am a man without a country.

Will implementing policies that provide the bedrock for black families to stay together end Chicago’s gun violence? No! But it would be a really good start!


Dicky Durbin?

Yes! That was President Pottymouth’s hilarious response to Illinois Senator Dick Durbin’s revelation that, while discussing DACA, he referred to Haiti and African states as “shithole countries.” Dicky!

I’m sure that showed him!

But he’s not nearly the only one who failed to graduate from the fourth grade, because if you’re foolish enough to read the public commentary in the local newspapers, a few of his dogged detractors love to refer to Kane County Chairman Chris Lauzen as “Chrissy.”


Then there’s the former columnist – the one who single-handedly destroyed the Kane County Chronicle (Are they still around?) – who insists on calling me “Jeffy.” Pretty soon he’ll be calling me “the plaintiff.”

Is adding that “y” supposed to be funny? Is it supposed to be cute? Is it supposed to be the sign of a rapier wit? I don’t think so!

And now those mental midgets might want to consider with whom they’re keeping company!


Should I be worried?

One of the four mousetraps I carefully placed in our basement has completely disappeared. Should I be worried?


7 thoughts on “Quick Hits – January 17, 2018

  1. DV lobbyists and the Illinois bar association lobbyists are actively trying to block father’s from being present in their children’s lives with their opposition to Illinois shared parenting bill HB4113. You want to see how self serving attorneys are? Listen to them argue against loving father’s being more than an every other weekend dad.

  2. Poor “snowflake” Chris Kennedy!

    He was born too late for “Little Fat Man,” Chicago’s late mayor Richard J. Daley to steal an election for him, like he did for his Uncle Jack in 1960.

    And how much time could his dad have spent with him, too busy as Robert was taking turns with Uncle Jack, pumping Marilyn Monroe.

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