Quick Hits – January 8, 2017

Quick Hits – January 8, 2017

Does he know he’s runnin’ for governor?

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, Chris Kennedy’s gubernatorial campaign descends to a level of confusion that baffles me beyond anything I thought possible.

First, there was the commercial featuring a vignette of his late father, Robert Kennedy. I understand areas of Chicago are beset by the worst kind of gun violence, but it only affects a very small percentage of voters, and there’s not much a sitting governor can do to change that gang-based dynamic, either.


Since that clearly wasn’t enough, now he’s going after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for using “gentrification” as a means of making minorities scurry outside those Second City limits. This, of course, begs the question, has anyone told our foundering candidate he’s not running for Mayor of that city?

C’mon! People have been complaining about yuppies pushing minorities out of Chicago neighborhoods since I called Rogers Park my 1980 home. It’s nothing new. And despite what anyone might think, it’s market forces, not any mayoral agenda, that drives this kind of wholesale neighborhood overhaul.

Buoyed by the Alabama special senate race turnout, the Kennedy campaign is clearly throwing their lot in with black voters. But whatever they think they’ll gain there will be more than offset by unnecessarily aggravating Rahm, who doesn’t have a dog in that race – well…not so’s you’d notice.

Even when you consider the average smaller primary turnouts, and even if black folks come out en masse, Chicago’s African-American community will not nearly be enough to propel Kennedy to a March 20 win. He may not be setting the world on fire, but J. B. Pritzker has a much better grasp of what these anti-trump mid-terms will bring.

Not only that, but a known commodity like Evanston-based State Senator Daniel Biss will split whatever Cook County black primary vote there might be, which makes the Kennedy campaign’s go-after-Rahm “strategy” even more suspect.

In 2014, Former Governor Pat Quinn got 92 percent of the Chicago African-American vote and even that wasn’t nearly enough to beat Bruce Rauner. So, I’m gonna say it again! Who the heck is advising this guy?


It’s “climate change,” not “global warming!”

Though liberals are truly going out of their way to annoy the shit out of me lately (see Chris Kennedy), if, in reference to our recent cold snap, one more conservative says something like “So much for global warming,” I’m going to beat them to a bloody pulp with a hardback copy of ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump Whitehouse.’


Though the planet is steadily getting warmer, the immediate climatic response is to swing from one extreme to another. For example:

  • Hurricanes four times larger than anything we’ve ever seen
  • Erie, Pennsylvania, getting 67 inches of snow in one sitting
  • he south, including Tallahassee, Florida, suddenly seeing regular snow
  • Wildfires in California unlike anything we’ve seen before
  • The east coast getting blasted by blizzards
  • And a record-tying two-week cold snap in the northern portion of the country

So, can we finally put this one to bed, or do I have to start administering the beatings?


Opening your mouth and removing all doubt!

If, in response to the critics who question your mental competence and intelligence, you say, “I’m a very stable genius,” you’re only proving their point.


Brown’s Chicken? Really?

A scant three months after the October Las Vegas massacre prompted the Daily Herald to boldly declare their news coverage would no longer glorify mass murderers, Sunday’s front page was rife with a detailed recap of the 25-year-old Palatine Brown’s Chicken homicides.


Why? Can anyone tell me what the point could possibly be? All it does is serve to provide yet more notoriety to the killers, open old wounds and generally play on peoples’ fear of events that really are rare.

And this isn’t a case where everyone else did it, either. Only the Daily Herald and CBS News chose to “celebrate” this horrific anniversary.

Just when I think the local media can’t sink any lower they insist on proving me wrong.


Accidents aren’t news, either

Unless the press has caught onto a trend a local governing body should address, or there’s a serious violation of the law involved. But those all-too-obvious caveats haven’t stopped even the suburban Tribune papers from filling their already limited space with basic accident reports.


Living within earshot of Randall and Keslinger Roads intersection, as well as the one at Peck and Keslinger Roads, I can tell you with certainly that accidents happen all the time. I can also tell you that printing “stories” about crash related injuries or deaths will not be nearly enough incentive to get some of y’all start driving like you actually know how to do it.

So why not take a stab at some real news for once!


Well done, Ms. Tennell!

In an attempt to end this edition on a positive note, I want to extend a hearty Quick Hits congratulations to 19 year-old Carpentersville figure skater Bradie Tennell for winning the women’s national championship, a feat which vaulted her directly onto the U.S. Olympic team, set to compete in South Korea next month.


Despite figure skating’s failure to be a real sport, the necessary effort to get this far at such a young age is certainly something worth noting.

For future reference, if they allowed the other skaters to defend the ice during their competitors’ routines, I would be willing to move it to a real sport status.

Just a thought!

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  1. Any Kennedy throwing his lot with black voters is ironic, considering in the 1960s a conservative group financed moving a black family into Hyannis Port, and it was the Kennedy clan who objected and put a halt to it.

    Also, is Chris upholding the family traditions of his grandfather Joe, his uncles John F. and Ted, and his own dad? Has he taken a mistress and, if so, what is her name?

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