Quick Hits Supplemental – The blog is alright!

To quote those great philosophers Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Pete Townsend and Keith Moon.

This is probably gonna come across as some sort of male member measuring contest, but I’m so sick of readers telling me I have no readers (they fail to see the irony in that), I thought I’d share some stats.


Between the blog itself and the Facebook version, the 10/25 story on the Coffland/Clancy connection has received 5,400 hits, so far. To be fair, I boosted it on Facebook for 10 bucks, but that’s still five times more hits than a popular local Daily Herald news story would get, and I don’t have an entire promotional team behind me.

The 10/27 Quick Hits on a variety of subjects, including how Eaglebrookers feel about the Campana project, has managed 2,700 hits, so far, without any boosting.

That doesn’t mean that every visitor read those entire columns, but I’m still good with it.

Though I write these stories for myself and an audience is just the icing on the cake, it is gratifying to have that kind of following. I truly appreciate all the folks who take a few minutes out of their incredibly busy day to check in on what I have to say.


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