Quick Hits – October 18, 2017

Not all of ‘em are scurrilous

Illinois politicians, that is.

I know, I know! On days we don’t measure up we make ourselves feel better by cursing our elected public servants for being a number of evolutionary steps below pond scum. But the truth is, in their single-minded crusade to get Internet clicks, the papers only cover those politicians who’ve disappointed us.

But if you take the time to think about it, the State of Illinois has played or plays host to some truly exemplary public servants. In my adult lifetime, that list would include:

·         Jim Edgar

·         Judy Baar Topinka

·         Dan Rutherford

·         Kirk Dillard

·         Peter Fitzgerald

·         Michael Frerichs

·         Susana Mendoza

·         And, of course Jesse White

Jesse White 2Not only did Mr. White put the kind of fear of God into those local DMVs that forced them to vastly improve, but his 2007 graduated driver’s license program cut teenage driving fatalities by 50 percent! To wit, 155 16 to 19 year-old drivers perished in 2007 while just 76 died in 2016.

Granted, one teen driving death is one too many, but anytime you cut problem deaths by 50 percent, you’re doing alright!

So, despite the prospect of exposing my naked head, my hat’s off to our Secretary of State for doing what can only be described as an excellent job.


More of the same

As we predicted, the Tribune Company, or Tronc as they’re now known (someone had to be drunk), just announced a new round of mostly editorial layoffs. And you need look no further than Sunday’s paper for the answer to this painfully slow bleed out death.


The ads that WERE NOT in that paper include:

·         Best Buy

·         Lowes

·         Menards

·         Kohls

·         Home Depot

·         Meijer

·         Office Depot

·         Carsons

·         J. C. Penney

·         Gamestop

With Net advertisements bringing in just 5 to 10 percent of their print counterparts’ revenue, this ain’t gonna be the last round of layoffs, either.

And yet, mired in the midst of the Einsteinian definition of insanity, those Tronc folks keep doing the same thing in the flagrantly false hope of soliciting a different result. There must be no bathroom mirrors in the Tribune Tower.


Wrong again!

Given the time, I could do a separate blog that simply corrects all the stories that the Daily Herald gets completely wrong.

For example, today’s DH covered County Board member Drew Frasz asking for a zoning variance extension that would allow him to continue to store excavating equipment on the acreage attached to his just-west-of-Geneva home.

daily herald

First, this wasn’t a story worth the ink, and second, they got almost everything wrong.

They claimed “a neighbor” ratted Frasz out for violating the zoning ordinance when it was actually one of the local labor unions that snitched.

Then their addled “news team” reported that an “organization funded by local contractors” showed up at the Kane County Development Committee meeting to oppose Frasz’ request.

We real journalists call “organizations funded by local contractors” unions!

As it so happens, Frasz and the unions have been battling each other since time immemorial, and the reporter who wrote this “story” damn well knows that.

Meanwhile, board member Brian Dahl, the Director of Membership Services for Aurora Painters District Council No. 30, voted in favor of the extension which conclusively proves the DH is now officially a supermarket tabloid – that doesn’t sell very well.

Mike Brown and John Lampinen, you must be so proud!


Thank you!

To all the readers who’ve come forward with Kane County Judicial Center stories. I’ve been able to confirm every single one.

Considering I’m generally just one guy providing this service at no charge, I truly appreciate all the extra eyes and ears. There will be a lot more to come on this subject!


Is there an app for that?

Oh my bleepin’ lord! Apparently we need an app that spellchecks retail store signs.

Walgreen's Sign

C’mon people! Learn how to spell!


Coming up!

In the words of the great Sir Paul McCartney.

1. As soon as I dot a few i’s and cross a few t’s, next week, the First Ward will explain the connection between the St. Charles father who shot his wife and murdered his two daughters and the suicide of a prominent Kane County attorney.

There’s been a lot of speculation and judgement cast on this story, and with three separate sources in hand, it’s time to clear it up.

2. Meanwhile, Judge John Dalton is back to his old habit of making it up as he goes along. The long awaited part two of that column and news of my anti-retention campaign will be forthcoming within the next couple of weeks.

3. My journey through the Kane County justice system as a major crime victim will come to an end tomorrow morning – without me – because I refuse to participate in this kind of abject farce. But rest assured, though I generally don’t like fighting my own battles in print, we will be talking about just how much it sucks to be victim of a class X felony in Kane County.

2 thoughts on “Quick Hits – October 18, 2017

  1. While you are doing investigations, look into how Drew Frasz gets so many jobs from the Kane County Forest Preserve District…of which HE
    is one of the “trustees,” as are all his fellow members of the Kane County Board.

    Are these “no-bid” jobs? Are they quoted just below the dollar amount required by law for contract bidding?

    Next time we meet, let me clue you in on some information on the late Judy Baar Topinka, and Jim Edgar, of which you are obviously not aware.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your efforts. I also respect your opinions, but I respectfully disagree with your selection of Judy Baar Topinka and, to a lesser extent, Jim Edgar. Completely agree with you regarding Peter Fitzgerald. Thank you.

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