Quick Hits – October 2, 2017

Governor Rauner really is like a box of chocolates…

…you never know what you’re gonna get. The odd thing is, politicians are typically the most predictable people on the planet, but this one has me consistently scratching my head.

The fact that the two-year budget stalemate came to pass was baffling, especially when you consider Rauner got absolutely nothing out of it.

Then, though we still don’t know what he hoped to accomplish, the Governor failed to see his coalition was cracking, and a number of predictable Republican reps defected long enough to pass a budget.

I was convinced he was going to hold the school funding bill hostage in an effort to extract the concessions he didn’t get on the budget, but Rauner suddenly compromised and the school year started with little fanfare.

Not one to rest on his how-can-I-screw-something-else-up laurels, after the budget debacle, Rauner fired most of his staff, replaced them with some staunch Illinois Policy Institute conservatives, and, when they inevitably disappointed him, he fired them, too.

As if all that wasn’t enough, now the governor, who’s regularly sidled up to right-wing ideologues, just signed a bill that greatly expands taxpayer subsidized abortions in Illinois – right before an election!


To say his conservative allies are not amused would be the most massive of understatements. There may not be much time to mount a statewide primary campaign, but that won’t stop the Proft folks from primarying Bruce as we speak.

Of course, that group will come up with yet another hyper-conservative candidate who, if they somehow manage to beat Rauner, will be destroyed by the Democratic nominee in a staunchly anti-Republican mid-term election cycle.

It would seem that Illinois Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Meanwhile, I can’t help but wistfully ruminate about where the State of Illinois might be if Dan Rutherford or Kirk Dillard had pulled off that 2014 gubernatorial primary. Career politicians aren’t always a bad thing! How’s that electing a businessman workin’ out for you GOP?


No death threats necessary

I don’t care what anybody said! If you don’t like U-46 School Board member Traci Ellis’ recent commentary on the American flag, then you can express your dismay at the 2019 ballot box by supporting another candidate.

If you support her statement, then you should do your damndest to see that she’s reelected. It’s that simple.

Having been on the receiving end of them myself, no one deserves death threats for speaking their mind.


To nurses!

Until the Delnor hostage situation fallout, I had no clue that nurses were the frequent victims of violence and verbal abuse – from patients, no less!


On the rare occasion I’ve been hospitalized, it’s the nurses who make those unplanned stays more bearable. You can’t beat an ER nurse, either, especially when they have to temporarily stop your heart after you’ve over-trained – again.


If I have a choice between seeing a doctor and a nurse practitioner, I’ll pick the CNP every time. They listen more and implicitly understand that healthcare should always be a patient-provider partnership. Unless you want a softball size bruise, don’t let the doctor give you a shot – be sure the nurse does it.

So, since their job shouldn’t be any more difficult than it already is, I was thrilled to see that 84th District State Rep Stephanie Kifowit just introduced a bill to better protect the men and women who patrol those hospital hallways.

House Bill 4100 would require all health care facilities that employ nurses to implement workplace violence prevention protocols overseen by a committee of nurses, doctors, security staff and administrators.

The bill also includes whistleblower protection for any staffer who reports violence against a nurse.

Clearly, this bill deserves all the bi-partisan support it can get and I want to commend State Rep Kifowit for looking out for our beleaguered nurses.


A bright spot!

As my Equifax ID theft saga winds down (I hope!), there was one bright spot in this utterly undeserved debacle, and that was Target.

Those fine Target fraud folks called us right away and they told me exactly where, how and with what kind of identification, my evil twin was applying for credit. They explained what personal information he had, what he didn’t have, and then they outlined the next logical fraud prevention steps.


It was a far cry from that typically dreaded big chain customer service call.

BTW, though putting a freeze on our Experian, Trans Union and Equifax accounts will go a long way towards preventing any further abuse or credit score damage, with my social security number out there forever, I feared what someone might do with my bank or stock accounts.

That answer was surprisingly simple! I now possess a verbal password that must be provided before anyone at either financial institution can begin a conversation. And nobody is gonna guess this one.

Please consider that very possibility if you’re lucky enough to be part of this corporate breach.


Another mass shooting?

I could comment on the Las Vegas mass murder, but this brilliant Tom Toles cartoon says it all!

Second Amendment

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