Quick Hit’s – September 22, 2017

Seein’ as how I’ve been slouching a bit on the LSAT prep, I’m going to try to be a little more rapid fire today so I can get back to becoming an attorney.


You haven’t got mail!

As a result of the kind of temper tantrum that too many judges are prone too, in a patently illegal fit of pique, Kane County Chief Judge Susan Clancy Boles and Court Services Director Lisa Aust, blocked this journalist’s main email address.

Me! Jeff Ward! And I’m such a nice guy, too!

My last email correspondence with the Chief Judge was offering condolences for the untimely death of her brother and the only email I’ve ever sent to Ms. Aust was a FOIA request.


Kane County Chief Judge Susan Clancy Boles

So, you can imagine my surprise when, upon inquiring as to why Court Services/Judiciary had failed to come up with one scant cent of the $700K in cuts the County Board has requested, I saw this:

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

Delivery not authorized, message refused

While I certainly respect the good judgment of anyone who would block the likes of me, unless previous emails have been abusive, those who suckle at the taxpayers’ teat cannot behave in this petty and contemptuous a manner.

So I simply sent the same missive via another email address and, after she responded to that one, I reminded Judge Boles that, like my wife, she can completely ignore me, but she can’t block me. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to take a chief judge to a DeKalb or DuPuage courtroom pro se. Let’s just call it a potential jump on my impending legal education.

This is just another symptom of how the 16th Circuit is utterly out of control and they firmly believe they’re beholden to no one, despite that fact their massive salaries come directly out of your and my pockets.

More on this story next week.


I’m not surprised!

Folks are “surprised” 24 year-old Geneva born athlete Ben Kanute just took second place in last week’s Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, Tennessee? But I’m not!


I’ve followed this extraordinary young man’s career since he was a middle schooler and that finish doesn’t surprise me in the least. Mark my words, this is only the beginning for the young Mr. Kanute.


But, on the other hand…

As is almost always the case with Wheaton College, the current hazing fiasco is only getting worse.

The DH actually did a decent follow up piece told somewhat from the perspective of one of the charged players, Noah Spielman. Speilman is the son of former All-Pro defensive lineman and Fox Sports analyst Chris Spielman.


But as I read the story, it became abundantly clear that the younger Spielman is only concerned with how this mistake might affect him. In his attorney’s words, Speilman is “frustrated and disappointed” that it took so long to sort this out, and he thought the school’s “punishment” was more than good enough.

So let’s check those scales! The five offending football players had to write an eight-page anti-hazing paper and do 50 hours of community service. Meanwhile, the freshman victim had to undergo three separate shoulder surgeries and, after the fab five allegedly attempted to sexually assault him with an “object,” he transferred to another school.

Yep! That sounds fair!

At no point in the article does Spielman, or his attorney, show any remorse or voice any concern for the victim whatsoever. Because being a “good” Christian clearly doesn’t mean loving thy brother as…wait a minute!

You know what? I think I’d rather think about Ben Kanute!


It’s probation

Daniel Rak did, indeed, get four years of probation, and time served for his lone aggravated domestic battery conviction. It was exactly the right sentence.

Of course, the Daily Herald headline read, “Probation for Domestic Battery in Father’s Death” which is patently libelous because the jury cleared Rak of any and all responsibility for his father’s death.

To be clear, it’s the editors who coin those mastheads, not the reporters, and they really oughtta know better.

During the sentencing, Judge Tegeler lectured Rak on the dangers of the demon rum, an irony that lies somewhere along the lines of me castigating someone else for their alcohol intake.  Let’s hope Mr. Rak continues to get his life together and relegates this sad chapter to past history.


It still doesn’t matter!

So now Scott Drury is running for attorney general instead of governor? I suppose that would be a little bit less of a loss.

BTW, who the hell is Scott Drury?


Don’t fucking serve booze on planes!

A Chicago Tribune reporter crowed about a Hawaiian Airlines passenger being fined 100 grand for the kind of unruly in-flight behavior that made the pilot turn the plane around. Our writer theorized that this kind of fine would cause other airborne ne’er-do-wells to think twice about engaging in the same silliness.


The defendant admitted, in court, that he was so toasted that he had no recollection of the series of events, including the part where the other passengers had to restrain him. In the semi-paraphrased words of The Bard, “Ain’t that the rub?”

Drunk Passenger

While airlines consistently bitch about rogue passengers, the truth is, they have no compunction about overserving nervous folks while hurtling through the upper atmosphere at 600 mph in a small pressurized steel tube for long stretches at a time. What could possibly go wrong with that?

As irregularly as I fly, and considering the cost of in-flight alcohol, I’m always amazed at what some passengers manage to put down. And I’m even more amazed the flight attendants keep bringing ‘em another mini-bottle.

And if it ain’t the flight crew, it’s the airport bars who overserve those pre-boarders. What do they care? They don’t have to deal with them once they’re in the air.

If the airlines and the FAA were truly serious about this situation, they’d ban alcohol from all flights and hold those airport bars accountable every time a clearly inebriated passenger tries to get on a plane.

C’mon! We all know a $1 billion fine won’t deter a bleepin’ drunk from doing a goddam thing.


Have I said…

Ben Kanute is going to start winning major Ironman events? Just checking!

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