Quick Hits: Sunday 9-17-17 Supplemental

Since, I need a break from those LSAT prep questions, the Cubs seem to have things well in hand and the book is done, I thought I’d put a few things up here that generally wouldn’t make it into Quick Hits. I know what you’re thinkin’! “How could this Sunday possibly get any better? Just remember that Jeff Ward always makes your life better!


Another Dalton irony

Let me be perfectly clear that I love Elgin’s First Congregational Church’s effort to, in the face of the general American regression to being mean, distribute yard signs that extol the virtue of love over hate.

It almost makes me want to believe in a Christian God again!

FCC Sign

Were my residence anywhere near The City in The Suburbs, I would proudly display one of those placards. But the irony of Judge John Dalton leading the effort to distribute them is  so far beyond the pale that I’m starting to think about other quantum realities.

When I first saw him displaying that sign on Facebook, my first thought was, call me crazy, but perhaps Dalton could follow his own advice by applying that very same sentiment to the women he relentlessly and mercilessly bullies and berates in his courtroom.

Just a thought!


I’m on the highway to hell

Since, in the words of that great philosopher Bon Scott, “I’m (already) on the highway to hell,” I thought this meme was bleepin’ hilarious!


C’mon! God has got to have a sense of humor or we wouldn’t have the Bears, Donald Trump, the Kane County Board, pumpkin spice everything, and Caitlyn Jenner.


Motorcycles suck!

Nobody understands the plight of motorcyclists more than road bikers – especially when you consider the fact that motorcyclists also treat us like shit. So, I get all this “see motorcycles” stuff, but today was another prime example of how arrogant and insane bikers really are.

Motorcycles Suck

A female biker cut me off twice in the span of 15 seconds without signaling either time. It’s all on dashcam video, too! And then, just to fuck with me, she slowed down to 20 mph begging for a fight, which I would not provide.

Apparently, she thought she could somehow come out ahead in a confrontation with 3,600 pounds of rolling Ford Ranger steel. You want to be respected motorcyclists? A good first step would be to stop acting like such abject assholes.



Blog comments must be approved

In yet another case of the least common denominator bringing all of us down, going forward, your First Ward comments will require moderator approval before they’re posted. And if I don’t know who you are, they WILL NOT be posted.


The good news is, once one of your comments is approved, your subsequent thoughts will not require moderation.

Say what you will about me, and most of you do, I put my name on absolutely everything I say, regardless of any potential consequences. Meanwhile Harry Hitzeman, some  chickenshit folks at the KCSAO and the rest of you fragile snowflakes who feel the need to cower behind a veil of anonymity, will have to find another venue to spew your anonymous BS.

I’m sure that won’t be a problem.

3 thoughts on “Quick Hits: Sunday 9-17-17 Supplemental

  1. Though I don’t always agree with you I very much enjoy reading your posts. Your thoughts on motorcyclists are spot on although in my opinion those that are a**hole riders are in the minority.

  2. Your problem most likely came from one of the local “garden variety” Harley drunks. They own $35,000 bikes but only ride from home to the saloon, then from saloon to saloon, to show off.

    Many of them wear ties and suits, and sit at desks during the week, but dress in their denim clown suits, complete with finger-less nose-picker gloves, to play “bad-ass” while standing by the bike in front of the local dive-bar saloon on Sunday afternoons.

    Drive by “Knuckleheads” tavern in Elburn any Sunday and see the show.

    (How do I know all this? Because fifty years ago, I was one of them.)

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