Quick Hits – August 4, 2017

Quick Hits is gonna have to be quick today because between deceased parakeets, a video gaming son who keeps me up at all hours, and client meetings, I’m more than a little behind. And that damn book has got to get done!

Genevans made me proud?

According to roving First Ward reporter Bob McQuillan, my fellow Genevans comported themselves with aplomb at Wednesday night’s Batavia Planning Commission meeting where the Campana Building redevelopment was the only topic.

Campana Building

My fondest wish is that they acquit themselves similarly when the hearing reconvenes at 7 p.m. in the Batavia City Council chambers on August 16.

Considering their consideration, I also wish this was the kind of case in which their reasonably involved-in-the-process efforts would bear fruit. Like B. F. Skinner said, positive reinforcement is a powerful thing.

But alas, I still say those Campana apartments are a done deal because:

  1. Evergreen Real Estate group is the only bona fide developer to come forward in 37 years!
  2. Genevans don’t vote in Batavia elections.
  3. These apartments will go a long way towards Batavia’s federal affordable housing requirement.
  4. Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns has worn out his welcome with the Batavia City Council.

That doesn’t mean y’all shouldn’t keep up the good work.


Stop wasting your breath

Part of the magic of being Jeff Ward is, my “fan club” as I like to call them, often obsess about me even more than I do. And when you consider my vast and unchecked ego, that’s really saying something.

But here’s the thing! Whenever I get a typed or handwritten piece of snail mail with no return address – and it happens more often than you might think – I simply send it to my attorney, Jeff Meyer, at Klein, Stoddard, Buck and Lewis in Sycamore – unopened.

There are a number of benefits to this particular strategy:

  1. If it’s just another piece of hate mail, I don’t have to read it.
  2. If it includes any threat or libel, Jeff will take the appropriate action.
  3. If it’s someone’s passing along a story anonymously, Jeff just throws it out.
  4. If there’s a strange white powder in the envelope, Jeff dies and I don’t.

It’s a win-win situation for me, especially in regards to number four!

BTW, if you’re looking for a law firm that doesn’t simply see you as a dollar sign, applies the kind of unique courtroom insights that wins cases, and the attorneys aren’t afraid to display their humanity, then I would highly recommend Klein, Stoddard, Buck and Lewis.

Unlike the “What’s Happening” Facebook pages, I received no financial remuneration for this endorsement.


Judge Dalton part 2 is coming

Hopefully next week.

In the meantime, I want to thank all of the readers who came forward with their own Judge Dalton horror stories – there certainly are plenty of them. It warms my heart that I could actually help some you, too.


In part two, we’ll cover the methods by which this unfit judge can be either removed from the bench or assigned to an administrative gig, where he can no longer hear cases.

Keep those Dalton stories coming!


My newest hero is no longer my hero

Just when someone says the kind of thing that makes me feel like I’m not alone, they bow to that least-common-denominator public pressure and retract their bold statement.

First it was Bill Maher begging forgiveness for his perfect “house N-word” joke. Then Kathy Griffin had an apoplectic and apologetic meltdown over a mere artificial beheading. Now Chicagoan Bill Hillman has semi-taken back his marvelous pronouncement on Americans’ general lack of merit.

Bill Hillman

Runner with bulls Bill Hillman

A veteran of more than 300 bull runs, Hillman took offense at the folks who criticized his dangerous hobby by declaring that Americans are, “…boring, pathetic…fat dumb people who vote for Donald Trump and have no interests except for McDonald’s and malls.”

Then he added, “America by and large is full of idiots.  Americans watch too many Disney films and are out of touch with what it is to be human. …The most interesting thing that happened to them this year is probably somebody shouted at them because their dog was barking.”

My first thought was, “When did he visit my Geneva Fisher Farms neighborhood?” because that describes the majority of my neighbors and their ill-mannered progeny perfectly.

But alas! Hillman took it a step back by more recently saying, “I don’t regret what I said but it also isn’t everything I wanted to say. America is also a beautiful place full of incredible people. The people who lash out at me in comments, I’m not mad at them, I feel sorry for them. They have a lot of negativity in their hearts and I hope they can replace it with something positive.”

All I can say is, I’m stickin’ with his initial statement.


Sometimes Dennis Rodman is right

Thanks to the fine folks at Schwartz Sports Memorabilia this is my latest acquistion – a Dennis Rodman autographed basketball with the inscription, “Sanity is Overrated.”


It truly is!

2 thoughts on “Quick Hits – August 4, 2017

  1. Jeff

    Just a quick correction on the Batavia Planning Commission Meeting, it is Wednesday, August 16th at 7:00 pm, not the 17th.

    While I agree with you on points 2 & 4, as I read more about current Evergreen properties, I don’t believe they are a bona fide developer. Yes they are the only developer to come knocking in 37 years and the financials work out for them but their track record for managing their properties is certainly not stellar. Also, Batavia has already met their requirement for low income housing. As pointed out last week, Evergreen is trying to use Geneva as Campana’s “home” to make the development more attractive to the Feds and receive tax credits. Without tax credits this development doesn’t work and Evergreen moves on to another city. Certainly the fear is a Federal Discrimination Lawsuit filed hence at least two FHA attorneys in last week’s audience. The FHA is watching this very closely.

    There were some serious issues raised at last week’s meeting and it will be very interesting how Evergreen responds next Wednesday. Do they continue to embellish their statements or do they actually address the issues.

    Roving Reporter Bob

    • Bob,

      Thanks! The correction has been made.

      And I appreciate the level of detail which you provided because I can’t be everywhere. But despite your reservations, I still believe these apartments are a done deal.


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