Quick Hits – State’s Attorney Censorship Will Not Stand

A few years ago, a couple of attorneys told me that the Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon was basically an absentee boss, who left the asylum to a bunch of generally arrogant, mean-spirited, and petty people who had no regard for justice.

But I didn’t believe them.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in covering 11 years of Kane County politics, it’s that no countywide elected official’s office is perfect. In fact, I’ve written the “you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” column over and over again.” Even County Clerk Jack Cunningham has his good points.

But I can’t begin to describe just how disappointed I am with what’s happening on the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Facebook page. Apparently unhappy with the trial verdict, they’re downright libeling Daniel Rak and deleting any commentary that doesn’t conform to their version of the real-world events.

McMahon 2

Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon

There was a tweet that was an outright lie as well, but I won’t post or repeat any of their misconduct here, because that would only serve to compound those bad acts. And, by the way, deleting commentary on any official government Web or social media page is illegal and actionable.

To make matters worse, Mr. McMahon, himself, is spreading the “rumor” that the Rak defense team was offered a Class 3 Felony with no jail time over a year ago. The inference being that it was the defense – not the KCSAO – that kept Daniel in jail. So, there they’re collectdively snickering because Rak was actually convicted of a greater Class 2 Felony (aggravated domestic violence) at trial.

Not so fast. I’ve spoken with the defense team at length and the actual offer was to cop to involuntary manslaughter, a charge which Rak was quickly acquitted of.

So it saddens me to have admit that my optimism regarding the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office was utterly misplaced. And this kind of arrogance, mean-spiritedness and pettiness cannot stand, especially when I’ve supported that office in writing over and over again.

So I went to a couple of county board members and asked them to tell McMahon that, not only are libel and this type of censorship illegal, but they reflect poorly on the KCSAO and Kane County in general.

I explained the law to the KCSAO Facebook page moderator to no avail.

The I went to McMahon himself to explain my position in this regard. I specifically outlined the consequences of this continued illegal behavior, but all of my efforts have fallen on deaf ears.

But there are ways to get around illegal censorship and bring balance to the force. So, if any Kane County constituent wants to speak with Mr. McMahon regarding the Rak trial and this bullshit form of libel – as is their right – they can:

·         Call him directly at 847-421-1104

·         Or email him directly at joe.mcmahon1@me.com

Please let him know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – State’s Attorney Censorship Will Not Stand

  1. I have personal experience of the arrogance, and a refusal to prosecute two government officials for malfeasance (despite a binder full of evidence), by McMahon’s staff.
    A judge you and I both know told me McMahon’s office was “unlikely to prosecute fellow Republicans in an election year.”

    • Observer,

      I did not take this step lightly and spent 48 hours trying to get the KCSAO to do the right thing. Failing that, balance must be restored.

  2. Gee Jeff I hope the KCSAO does the right thing for your neighbors on August 18? Hopefully you’ll be reporting on it.

    • Gee Julia, All the people who show up on the 18th are gonna be severely disappointed because ain’t nuthin’ gonna happen anytime soon. In fact, because the State’s Attorney and 16th Circuit have botched this so badly, there’s so much pre-trial reversible error it will likely never go to trial.

      If you actually took the time to read the statute, or the paperwork which is public record, much like Mr. Rak, it never should’ve been charged.

      And if it did go to trial, because of yet more Geneva Police retaliation because I damaged their delicate sensibilities as a columnist (I actually have proof of this), it would get kicked faster that you’d be removed from a MENSA meeting.

      To wit, the only reason the GPD solved my truck firebombing is because one of the kids confessed at my front door. And I’ve kept a copious log of this vast GPD double standard.

      When this is finally dispensed with – and it will be – the repercussions to the State’s Attorney’s Office and City of Geneva will become the stuff of legend.

      Meanwhile, I put my real name on everything I do and put fools in their place. You use an alias and do what exactly?

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