Quick Hits – July 24, 2017

Patriot is a great company!

Since my wife didn’t share my enthusiasm for letting our 17 year-old furnace rock till it dropped, we just got a new furnace. I think her exact words were, “If that furnace goes in the middle of January I’m kicking your sorry ass out of the house.”

We husbands call that a “motivating factor.”

Having met the fine folks at Patriot Heating and Cooling through a journalistic endeavor, I asked them to come out and give us an estimate. They actually answered My PM on July 4th and co-owner Bill White came out the following Friday.


He thoroughly explained all of the furnace options, answered all my questions and gave us a really good price on a Rheem 95 percent efficient furnace. They came to do the installation when at the appointed time, They did exactly what they said they would in the time they said they would, and they were professional every step of the way.

And they’re doing something really cool too (no pun intended). Patriot is sponsoring a Shop Local Fair in Elburn on August 6th featuring 40 plus local businesses who will have cash-and-carry items on hand. For more information on the fair, click here!

You can find Patriot Heating and Cooling here and I highly recommend them – something I don’t do very often. To be clear, I was not paid for this endorsement, but they may well have saved my marriage.


Rauner doubles down

I was going to write the very same column but Urban Affairs teacher John McCarron beat me to it so I’m gonna link to it here.

All I can say is he’s dead on. This isn’t governing, it’s regularly throwing temper tantrums.


Meanwhile, I’m a little disappointed in my conservative and Republican brethren. You see, I’m certainly no saint (my readers tell me this), but I do consistently call out liberals, Democrats and Darth Madigan for their vast and very apparent shortcomings.

That kind of thing leads to the vast popularity I’m suffering right now.

But, with the exception of Chris Robling, I have yet to hear one conservative and/or Republican call out Governor Rauner for pulling the very same shit that the Speaker does. That list includes being an abject ideologue, demanding unwavering loyalty from his minions, and putting people in positions of power that shouldn’t be allowed to serve on a homeowner’s association.

The truth is, if I was forced to choose between Scylla and Charybdis, I’d have to choose Madigan because he is willing to deal and, though he rules with an iron fist, he doesn’t hold an entire state hostage to make a point.

And the fact that even my sensible conservative friends are mum on Rauner’s recent Illinois Policy Institute hires shrieks the word “hypocritical.”

The bottom line is, this Springfield pitched battle is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.


How to you say hypocritical in Russian?

Speaking of hypocritical behavior, if anyone even tangentially associated with Barack Obama had met with the Russians about acquiring campaign dirt, Tea Party heads would’ve summarily exploded, Fox would’ve had a field day and the GOP’s call for impeachment would’ve reached a fever pitch.

To be fair, some Republicans have correctly condemned this kind of clear collusion, but the level of shrieking and howling doesn’t begin to come close to what conservatives wrought when Michelle Obama wore a flippin’ sleeveless dress.

What I’m sayin’ is Tea Partiers and conservatives are a lot like vampires. They suck the blood out of the political process and they see no reflection whenever they pass a mirror


How do you make a small fortune in the newspaper business?

That’s right! Start with a large one. But that old saw didn’t stop former Chicago Alderman Edwin Eisendrath and a consortium of labor unions from buying the Chicago Sun-Times.

Of course, those Federal Anti-Trust folks approved the sale, in great part, to keep the paper out of the Chicago Tribune’s hands, but the fact the Eisdenrath group came up $11.5 million in escrow to offset the $4.5 million a year operating losses was a huge factor, too.


This, of course, begs the question, who in their right mind would buy a business entity that’s hemorrhaging that kind of red ink at a time the print media depression shows no signs of abating anytime soon?

Eisendrath offered all the appropriate platitudes, but the truth is, urban and suburban newspapers are dying, no one’s come up with a way to make a Net only venture pan out financially, and most papers have already cut staff to the bare minimum.

So, I reached out to some in-the-know-folks to get some sort of explanation for Eisendrath and the unions taking this eminently risky step.

Their unanimous theory was those Illinois labor investors felt they could not abandon Chicago to the more conservative Tribune’s anti-union propaganda. They felt an independent Sun-Times was critical to their survival, and with the rise of anti-union zealots like the Governor, they were willing to consider those inevitable losses as the cost of doing businesses.

Though we’ll certainly have to see what this group does with that venerable newspaper, that sounds like the only logical explanation.

As for me, I’m happy my friends at the Sun-Times will have their jobs for the foreseeable future.


Special Rak trial installment tomorrow

I spent 2.5 hours at the Daniel Rak murder trial this morning and I will endeavor to get a special Tuesday Quick Hit’s edition out a bit earlier tomorrow.

Suffice it to say it was a very good morning for the defense.

Also, I made a bit of an error in Sunday’s special Quick Hit’s edition. We’re not moving on to the rebuttal phase, the medical experts testified out of order because they could only be here Thursday and Friday.

So the prosecution officially rested their case this morning and the defense is putting on theirs from the beginning. I apologize for the error.

2 thoughts on “Quick Hits – July 24, 2017

  1. I’m thinking you should create a FaceBook page entitled Jeff Wards’ Recommened Companies. You know everyone follows what you say. You could charge a fee to the companies for your recommendation. Of course you wouldn’t disclose to your readers that you received compensation.
    You can’t blame Gov. Rauner for the school funding delay. Magic Mike has been holding onto an already approved bill that bails out the city of Chicago for their teacher pensions. He wants this so that his minions in Chicago are beholding to him down the road. Plus, the majority of school districts are sitting on reserves and school will open on time. Geneva, for example, probably has enough for 18 months. Schools not opening is a scare tactic to get Mikey’s bill passed the governor.

  2. Those points were not made about the IPI people, they pre-dated. I support these hires.

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