Quick Hits – June 30, 2017

You’re famous baby!

It must be nice! Use your appointed position, a job you’ve never had to earn because no one’s ever run against you, as a pulpit to make the kind of high-profile moves that’ll get you a better and more prestigious gig.

I shoulda thought of that! Well, either that or I shoulda started a credit card company, but that’s another story.

If you turned on the local TV news last week, you couldn’t possibly have missed the not-quite-smiling faces of Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon, Criminal Division head Joe Cullen and a bevy of other Kane County prosecutors as the Laquan McDonald case got underway in earnest.

Chicago Police

The irony, of course, is while the supposed cream of the Kane County prosecutorial crop are plying their trade in downtown Chicago, they’re not doing in it here. And all this after the State’s Attorney asked for an extra million budgetary dollars which helped propel the Kane County directly into a $1.7 million 2017 hole.

Like I said, it must be nice!

I certainly hope my friends on the County Board carefully consider this fascinating scenario when Mr. McMahon inevitably asks for a bigger 2018 budget.

But there is a silver lining to every cloud! Joe McMahon may generally be competent in court, but every time we get Joe Cullen out of the county, legal disaster is much less likely to strike. And the McDonald prosecution ain’t gonna be over anytime soon.

Hey Joe! You ever think about working in Kane County?


The Daily Herald does it Again!

So everyone in that main Arlington Heights Daily Herald newsroom is doing crotch bumps over the fact they managed to get an absentee Mundelein trustee and D211 school board member to resign.

Be still my beating heart!

Meanwhile, I got to the bottom of the Delnor hostage crisis, exposed malfeasance in the State’s Attorney’s office and have taken on a great deal of the 16th Circuit judiciary.

One guy against a vast newsroom! That sounds fair doesn’t it?

Daily Herald Building

So, after the DH got those two non-entities to resign, in a move that’s disingenuous at best and downright hypocritical at worst, they wrote an editorial righteously declaring we need more and better candidates to run.

It continues to be beyond baffling that the very folks charged with upholding societal standards are so deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to applying them to themselves. And if you call those “journalists” out, they’re even worse than Donald Trump with a 2 a.m. cell phone.

What will it take to get the DH to admit that they’re greatly responsible for peoples’ reticence to run? C’mon! What candidate would want to put up with their general and unyielding bullshit? For example:

1. The DH endorses incumbents 95 percent of the time. That’s a great way to encourage new folks to come forward.

2. Please tell me the last time that newspaper had anything good to say about any candidate or sitting politician? Kane County Circuit Clerk, Tom Hartwell, has returned millions to the general fund since he took office in 2012, but all the Daily Herald writes about is the problems with his new computer system.

3. If a first-time candidate says, does or has done anything that could be considered the slightest bit contentious, the Daily Herald will make sure it goes into every piece on that candidate or the race. Though I love DH reporter Sue Sarkauskus, and I pass stories on to her all the time, she completely ignored Batavia mayoral candidate Jason Stoop’s great forum answers and focused on a sanctuary city non-issue instead.

4. And reporter Jim Fuller is much worse. He openly admits he pits candidates and politicians against each other in an effort to generate easy stories. Jim’s a real piece of something.

Meanwhile the DH absolutely and completely fails to meaningfully cover the local boards and city councils that are responsible for 60 percent of our taxes.

So, two low-level elected officials haven’t been going to meetings? Quite frankly, I’m all for local politicians not showing up because that means there’s nobody around to raise our taxes. Hmmmmm! I wonder if I could convince the entire Geneva City Council to stop showing up on Mondays.

To the ten people who still subscribe to the DH, it’s time to let it go!

Hey DH editorial board! You wanna know why people don’t run for local office? Go look in the bathroom mirror.


It doesn’t have to be a blood sport

Politics that is!

Despite the fact that he begged me not to come, last weekend, I attended Kurt Kojzarek’s county board campaign kickoff fundraiser, and I gotta say, I had a great time, because the entire Kojzarek family shares my somewhat warped sensibilities.

Frightening, isn’t it?

But the coolest thing about that gathering was reconnecting with two politicians with whom I’ve occasionally been at odds.

The first was former U-46 School Board member Cody Holt. To his credit, we immediately shook hands and started laughing our asses off about our pre-election sparring. Cody also mentioned that my frequent axiom; threatening to throw someone off a school board is a lot like threatening to stop beating them with a 2 by 4, was dead on.

Holt 2

He said he has no plans to run for anything anytime soon. Instead, he’s going to focus on working within the Illinois Republican Party to bring about conservative change. And I said that kinda gig suited him far better than a school board.

We exchanged business cards and life was good.

Then, just before I left, Kane County Chairman Chris Lauzen and his lovely wife Sarah appeared and, considering a couple of TheFirstWard columns on the Aurora mayoral race, I started thinking I might have to hide behind Elgin attorney Jeff Meyer (though he’s kinda short and it probably wouldn’t have worked).

But it was all good. The Chairman warmly greeted me, shook my hand and we had a very cordial 10 minute non-political conversation. Of course, now I’m cowering in fear of some sort of impending assassination attempt, and I’m taking applications for that bodyguard position, but for now, let’s focus on the positive.

Ironically (you know I love that word), the only issue that came up was when I attempted to say hello to a former Left, Right and You radio show co-host. We did have a spat where I privately took him to task for his penchant to embarrass me publicly, and then he did his best to embarrass me publicly again, but I thought time heals all wounds.

Apparently not, because when I said ‘hello,”  this gentleman ghosted me better than anyone has ever ghosted me before. Even my wife can’t ignore me that well.

(BTW, the reason I used “Left, Right and You” co-host was so no one would think it’s Larry Jones. But just to be on the safe side, I want to make it clear that Larry is and will remain one of my favorite people of all time!)

So all the politicians were fine, but the former friend wasn’t! To quote the great inspector Clouseau, “It is all a part of life’s rich pageant.”

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