Quick Hits – June 21, 2017

It was kinda cool that some of you noticed there was no Monday Quick Hits. My 82 year-old father-in-law came in for a week-long visit and I wanted to be a really good host!

Ted Nugent is a bleep!

And by “bleep” I mean any word you care to apply. So suddenly our Motor City Mental Munchkin strikes a conciliatory tone?


“At the tender age of 69, my wife has convinced me that I just can’t use those harsh terms. I cannot, and I will not. And I encourage even my friends/enemies on the left in the Democrat and liberal world that we have got to be civil to each other, that the whole world is watching America, where you have the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and we have got to be more respectful to the other side.”

This, of course comes from the man who:

  • Married an underage girl
  • Dodged the draft
  • Called President Obama a “sub-human mongrel,” which is code for the N-word
  • Told President Obama to “suck his machine gun”

While Kathy Griffin gets (rightfully) excoriated for the whole severed head thing, Ted gets an invitation to the White House.

But as you know, I’m fluent in almost all political languages. So, just in case you don’t understand Nugent-ese, please allow me to translate Ted’s quote:

“It was fun being a complete douchebag when there were no real consequences for being one, but then the left starting shooting back. So, being the consummate coward I’ve always been, I’m going to hide behind my wife’s skirt in the hope that she takes the bullet for me. I have been, and always will be, a piece of excrement.”

To be clear, I don’t agree with anyone shooting at anyone for almost any reason. But I couldn’t let his BS pass.


All my Judicial Center children

Before we get started in earnest, I want to thank all my avid KCSAO readers who not only regularly help put these posts over the 5,000 hit mark, but send me encouraging notes to keep these stories coming. Somebody’s gotta tell the truth, right?

In that vein:

1. No federal prosecutor position. Sadly, it looks as if Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon is stuck with little old us. Though I have to give him credit, because word is, the gig went to someone who showed a little more enthusiasm for a Trump presidency. Apparently, Joe wouldn’t drink the loyalty oath Kool-aid.

Good for him!

But all’s well that ends well, right? If there were ever two elected officials who truly deserve each other, it’s Kane County Chairman Chris Lauzen and Joe McMahon. The Fat Lady ain’t nearly begun to sing that saga out!


2. But now Joe’s actually gotta do some work. Because the legal fallout from the utterly unnecessary Delnor hostage situation is but a mere blip on the incoming radar. And despite what will be a clear propensity to settle those suits (and those nurses deserve every penny), this morass is going to get much bigger and take years to untangle. It’s so big that it can’t be delegated to underlings without a real possibility of massive political damage, and Mr. McMahon still harbors higher aspirations.

3. Criminal Division boss Joe Cullen takes over the Laquan McDonald prosecution? I couldn’t believe it when I heard it, but it turns out, it’s true. What could possibly go wrong with the utterly tone-deaf Cullen handling the kind of  case that could set the already smoldering City of Chicago completely ablaze.

There are times when McMahon’s decisions are beyond baffling.

On the bright side, he could’ve handed it off to Civil Division head Joe Lulves! Though it would’ve been fascinating to see all those privileged emails get leaked to the public (read some previous posts!).

4. I’m the story? That kind of thing generally aggravates the shit out of me, but I’m OK with it this time. Since no victim of a Class-X felony should ever have to deal with the likes of KCSAO prosecutor Alex Bederka, yours truly will shortly sit down with State Rep Keith Wheeler to craft a real Illinois Victim’s Rights bill.

Keith may be a bit conservative at times, but I’ve always liked him, he’s a capable legislator and he’s on-board. If any duo can get this kind of bi-partisan effort done, it’s the conservative and the liberal!

If you recall, retiring State Rep Elaine Nekritz tried to pass a Victim’s Rights bill some years ago and I came out against it in two separate columns. The only explanation is, sometimes I can be a real fucking idiot – just ask my wife.

I still say my logic was sound! Most prosecutors are overworked and underpaid, and to bog that process down with people who think they’re the only crime victim on the planet would be problematic.

But this time it was Jeff Ward – a man with a voice in the victim seat. And, at the time, I was successfully advising Joe McMahon on how to handle Chris Lauzen – in writing! If that guy gets treated like a pain-in-the-ass afterthought on a charge that’s a millimeter short of murder, I can only imagine what the rest of you peasants have to go through.

It got so bad that I will no longer meet with, speak to or email Mr. Bederka on this still pending case. Personally, I’d rather have another pickup truck firebombed in my driveway and have to go through the system as a defendant, than deal with him. And Joe McMahon’s version of “help” was to make the situation exponentially worse on all levels.

So Illinois! We’re gonna get a Victim’s Rights law! Count on it!

5. But you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Yes! I know I can get kinda bitchy at times (and we’re currently out of tequila, too), so it’s important to note there are some great people at Route 38 and Peck Road. At the risk of ending their careers, I’m gonna say that Lark Cowart and Judy Bland are two of them.

Judy is the KCSAO Victim’s Rights Advocate and she does an amazing job with a very small staff and an even smaller budget. She has the kind of patience that it takes to put up with her bosses and people like me.

Lark heads the Juvenile Division and she’s one of the finest people I’ve ever met. She is beyond intelligent, incredibly insightful, a terrifyingly competent attorney and she somehow stays sane while dealing with the kind of child abuse cases that would send most of us into a homicidal frenzy.

See! I can be nice!

6. A judge that’s gotta go! Not that I want to leave you all hanging, but even I don’t want to hear myself talk this much. So, next week! I will devote an entire Quick Hits, or perhaps even two, to a judge who must be removed from the 16th Circuit. Not only will I  cite specific examples of his malfeasance, but I’ll outline my plan to send him home. The donations are already rolling in!


As the Kane County Sheriff’s Office turns

It took multiple sources to convince me, but I do believe that Kane County Sheriff Don Kramer was set to announce his reelection bid – the week after the Delnor hostage situation unfolded.

As you might imagine, he’s having second thoughts.


Kane County Sheriff Don Kramer

The current theory is, Kramer has, or soon will, approach GOP Sheriff primary contender and Bomb Squad leader, Kevin Tindall, to offer to bow out of the race in return for certain considerations. Not the least of which would be to look after Don’s son, who will soon become a sworn deputy.

I’ve never met Kevin, but people tell me he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t make those kinds of deals. So here’s my prediction.

Kramer, who regularly moves between playing the victim and the bully, will not take kindly to his subordinate’s refusal to get on board. Then the rage the Sheriff is so well known for will build to the point where he runs just to teach Tindall a “lesson.”

I promise I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – June 21, 2017

  1. Jeff

    Don’t think the Sheriff should take the direct hit for the Delnor situation unless it can be proven that he was aware of the lack of proper handling of criminal suspect being “secured.” While I realize the top person of any organization needs to take some of the blame, the individuals at fault here are the officer on duty and his commanding officer. Certainly the on-duty officer should have know proper procedures and that he didn’t follow them. The commanding officer should have known that several officers didn’t proper procedures. From what I have heard & read (taking that we a grain of salt) this type of handling was common place.

    It does concern me that some officers see the department as a legacy for the family. When three generations work or have worked for the sheriff’s office, it begs of a serious problem. I think this is a problem throughout appointed positions everywhere but especially in Kane County. Sister & Brother In Laws are included in this group.

    • Bob,

      There is way more to this story than has been made public. WAYYYYYY MORE! Perhaps I’ll need to tackle it in print soon. And yes, this Sheriff is fully responsible.


  2. Jeff
    You know me, I always love to know the FACTS! And I don’t even use a sledgehammer anymore.

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