How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

It’s something my semi-sane mother said with regularity and it certainly applies to our screwball former 22nd District State Senator Michael Noland, who always seems willing to put the “fun” in dysfunctional.

Mike’s greatest hits include, but aren’t nearly limited to:

  • Getting thrown out of a polling place by the police after he wouldn’t leave
  • Getting stopped for speeding after being ticketed for no insurance
  • Turning on his own Senate bills when he thought he could get something out of it
  • Accomplishing absolutely nothing for his district
  • Blackmailing voters with inane fundraising emails
  • Telling voters he was pro-life and pro-choice depending on the audience
  • Giving us Judge John Dalton, who wouldn’t know the law if it bit him in the butt
  • And my personal favorite, plagiarizing a JFK speech on the Senate floor

There’s more, but it isn’t fit for a family blog.

When Noland’s Congressional hopes were dashed by by Raja Krishnamoorthi, I thought he might take another electoral stab at something with a salary like a township seat and, after losing that one, fade in the obscurity he so richly deserves.

God knows he can’t make a living as an attorney.

Mike Noland

Mike Noland

But I was wrong! Just like a bad Bond villain, our former Senator came screaming back and it’s clear that hasn’t changed a bit. I wonder what it’s like to go through life never learning from your mistakes.

Back in 2012, when Governor Pat Quinn was behind the budgetary eight-ball, in a show of good faith, the General Assembly turned down raises, cost-of-living increases and they took furlough days too.

Never one to miss an opportunity to extol his own virtue, after he voted those raises down, Noland told the press, “Until we do this [structural budget reform], the least we can do is cut our own pay again. I know most working families in Illinois are not seeing raises this year, so we shouldn’t either.”

But apparently that only applies to sitting senators because, citing an Illinois Constitutional rule guaranteeing a legislator’s pay during their term, that very same Mike Noland just sued the state for:

  • The total amount of those raises
  • The total amount of those cost-of-living increases
  • And he wants to be paid for all the furlough days

Always the altruistic one, Mike filed the suit on behalf of all General Assemblymen and he went as far as including a stipulation by which legislators could “donate” that money back to the state. What are the odds that he’ll give his share back?

I wonder what it’s like to live life with no conscience whatsoever.

Of course, we all know the real reason for this sudden legal action is the former Senator couldn’t get by on the $86,000 he pulled down in 2014. (76 grand from you and me.) Nope! Back then he cited “financial hardship” when availing himself of a federal assistance program that reduces mortgage payments to avoid foreclosure.

Noland claimed student loans and private school tuition for his daughter were part of the problem which is more than ironic when you consider his wife Veronica serves on the U-46 School Board.

Put more simply, since our former State Senator has absolutely no moral center, he destroyed his reputation during his eight Springfield years, so he can’t make a living as an attorney. Now he’s hoping you forgot what he said in 2012 as he sues Illinois residents so he can enjoy the lifestyle to which he’s become accustomed.

I wonder what it’s like to have absolutely no shame.

7 thoughts on “How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

  1. Raja Krishnamoorthi

  2. My feelings regarding former State Senator Noland have softened over the years. It has been over a decade since the polling place incident. I did not like how Senator Noland opposed the state incentives towards Sears Headquarters (in his own district) nor did I like how he helped Madigan in Gerrymandering the state. However, he did support renewable energy as a legislator, he lives modestly in my neighborhood, works very hard in supporting the Democratic party, is a great father, and his wife does excellent work on the U46 board.

    So, I think he does quite a bit in support of our community, even if he has made mistakes. The whole “death before dishonor” thing is over-rated.

    • Todd,

      The man is slime. The polling place incident occurred when I was writing for the Courier-News which was 2011 at the earliest. I’ve watched him work crowds were he’ll tell one voter he’s pro-life, another he’s pro-choice, and simply echo whatever stance he believes will get the voter on his side.

      He got caught by the EPD stealing signs which is just rank stupidity. The candidate should always have someone else do it. His Democratic peers in Springfield loathed him.

      As far as a good father, I’ve talked to one of the women he’s had an affair with. I didn’t bring it up during the Congressional race because he had no chance whatsoever.

      Mike Noland only supports Mike Noland. You’re dead wrong on this one sir.


      • Jeff, I wouldn’t vote for him in a public office. You’re right that his stealing signs was stupid and wasn’t right. He has made some poor decisions. When I served as an election judge at the Elgin Township building (back when I lived on McLean Blvd), we had to call the police when Mr. Noland was campaigning for office (he lost that election). I moved to NENA back in 2009. So, we may be remembering separate incidents. What I’m trying to say is that I’m not angry about that anymore – I’ve forgiven him.

        I’ve been around Mr. Noland at Elgin Academy events; he’s never taken me to task for supporting his opponent or my public comments. He’s made a big financial sacrifice to send his daughter to EA. I’ve seen nothing but love in his interactions with his family.

        Is he perfect? No. But he isn’t running for public office. He is a private citizen who I choose to give some forgiveness and benefit. I appreciate reporter’s muckraking politicians, but I think going over his financials and calling him slime when he is a private citizen is carrying things too far.

      • Todd,

        Though you didn’t ask, I can live with your extrapolated sentiment.

        And he’s not a private citizen. Noland is both the state central Democratic committeeman and he’s the local precinct committeeman, and the lawsuit opens him to any kind of public scrutiny.


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