Ron Hain officially announces for sheriff

Though my recent workouts have taken a toll, I hoisted my tired butt out of the home-office chair and headed over Kane County Sheriff candidate Ron Hain’s campaign kickoff press conference in front of the Regional Board of Education in Geneva at noon today.

Not only did about 20 of his supporters show up, but at time when the Press has no bodies to spare, it was gratifying to see the DH’s Sue Sarkauskus, the Chronicle’s Renee Tomell and a couple of photographers in attendance too.

Hain Conference.jpg

In his brief commentary, Hain told reporters his administration would focus on:

  • Getting heroin off the streets by attacking it at the source
  • Creating a Heroin Hotline to better address the scourge
  • A Break the Cycle jobs program to reduce recidivism by 20 to 25 percent
  • Moving the Public Safety Division into the modern world
  • Substance abuse referral programs to help addicts get and stay clean
  • A consulting partnership to investigate and prosecute online child predators
  • Better communication with the County Board and local law enforcement agencies

All-in-all, I have to say this semi-jaded journalist was impressed with Mr. Hain and I do look forward to watching his campaign develop.

For background purposes, Kane County Sergeant Ron Hain will be facing off against Lieutenant Willie Mayes, who lost to Don Kramer in the 2014 general election. Though he hasn’t announced yet, with Chairman Chris Lauzen’s backing, it appears that bomb squad leader Kevin Tindall will take on Don Kramer in the Republican primary.

2018 is approaching faster than you think!

8 thoughts on “Ron Hain officially announces for sheriff

  1. Lauzen the political opportunist???

    • Brian,

      It’s more the Lauzen who wants to get back at every real or imagined slight. He’s never forgiven Don Kramer for cancelling the U.S. Marshall’s contract and killing his budget.


  2. So if Tindall has Lauzen’s blessings that means Zahm must be his campaign manager. He’s going to be a busy little beaver, especially with Stan Bond announcing his run against Cunningham.

  3. Jeff, you know MY name, and I agree with “John.”
    Also, Bond, as Chairman of the Western Kane County GOP, is slowly leading it into oblivion.
    Of it’s 33 precincts, only 10 to 12 committeemen show up at it’s monthly meetings

    • Observer, Yes I do because your email address shows up for my eyes only. I wish John would follow in your footsteps.

      Regarding Stan, he’s simply not a leader and he desperately wants to be one.

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