Quick Hits – I officially proclaim April 28 to be Stupid Day!

I told you it was easy!

Though I do my best to try and avoid the whole wrestling with the pig in the manure thing, I couldn’t help but argue with all the stupid people who fervently believed United Airlines was in the right for sticking to their overbooked policy guns by dragging a recalcitrant passenger off a flight.

“But it’s the rules!” all these self-righteous folks regularly shrieked! And I’m sure they  come to a full stop at all those red octagons too!

But it ain’t the rules anymore!

UnitedIn an effort to not only prove my patently perfect position, but to demonstrate how simple the antidote to this kind of horrifying publicity really is, United gate agents are now authorized to offer passengers up to ten grand to relinquish a seat.

I doubt if they’ll ever have to go beyond two large!

Of course, the fact that this kind of non-rocket science corporate contrition – including a full page apology in the Chicago Tribune – came weeks after the actual event, only proves that the United boycott was starting to work. Altruism had nothing to do with this 180 folks.

On the bright side, United proved that you actually can aggravate your customers to the point where they’re willing to pay more elsewhere. God bless you American consumer!


Just when you thought Illinois politicians couldn’t redefine the word “stupid”

They do!

The Illinois House just passed a bill sponsored by Chicago Democratic State Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch that would force elementary and high schools to teach cursive. To quote the great State Rep, “It’s important that tech-savvy children retain cursive writing to read historical documents, write personal notes, and sign documents.”

No it isn’t!

Chris Welch

State Rep Chris Welch

I’d say all this amounts to is another unfunded mandate from an old white politician who can’t let go of the past, but I can’t because Mr. Welch is black. Perhaps this is a welcome sign of some sort of new racial parity. And he somehow got 67 of his cohorts to go along with him too! (Shame on you Anna Moeller!)

Historical documents are “printed” all over the net, there’s this newfangled thing called “texting” and a Walgreen’s clerk laughed at my “signature” just yesterday.

At least I think it was my signature.

And the irony here is, it was an old white politician willing to let go of the past who made the most sense. Geneva State Rep Steve Anderson replied, “Cursive does not help develop young minds any better than printing and a legal document doesn’t need a signature but only a ‘mark.’”

And the fact that he hails from Geneva makes his accurate pronouncement even more impressive.

Can’t we just let cursive die a peaceful death like Latin, CDs, landlines, snail mail, big box retail, PDA’s, Kodachrome, Blockbuster Video, newspapers, payphones, fax machines, phonebooks and political common sense?


But Wisconsin is a special kind of stupid!

Though it utterly terrifies me to agree with my suddenly arch-conservative friend Chris Robling, I firmly believe that female impersonator, Ann Coulter, should’ve been allowed to speak at Berkeley. The best reason being, we should provide the alt-right with every possible opportunity to open their mouths and remove all doubt.

But now, in an irony so vast I can barely wrap my head around it, the Wisconsin GOP is floating a bill that would expel University of Wisconsin students who heckle speakers or disrupt a campus speech.

I’m going to pause while you take that in for a minute or two………..


Look! I’ve already divorced myself from the majority of my socially liberal brethren and sisteren, because they’re so bleepin’ annoying. But attempting to defend free speech by destroying it takes a special kind of stupid.

And how does this adhere to the GOP mantra of “less government?”

Our entire country was founded on protest, and if a student truly disrupts an event, the campus police should be able to deal with it by applying statutes already on the books. Only Republicans my friends, only Republicans!

And Wisconsinians or whatever the hell you’re supposed to call them have the nerve to refer to us as FIPs! (Look it up!)

5 thoughts on “Quick Hits – I officially proclaim April 28 to be Stupid Day!

  1. Obviously, that bill goes too far !

  2. Good cursive handwriting was always considered a mark of sophistication and intelligence.

    My dad, a blue-collar machinist, spent hours perfecting his handwriting until he was satisfied his signature would leave the reader with a good impression. I have done the same.

    My daughter, a 24-year-old college grad, has handwriting so illegible it looks like a chicken walked across the page. I do not see this as anything to admire, especially for a college grad.

    School should be a place to learn living skills and prepare for life in the working world. Part of this
    should be learning how to make a good first impression at a job interview. Time and money would be better spent learning cursive handwriting than wasted on some “interpretive” art class or “multi- cultural studies” crap.

  3. well stated Observer

  4. Cursive handwriting is an excellent (and cheap!) way to train budding young minds in things like fine motor skills, focused concentration, and problem-solving (trying to decipher someone else’s scratchings). Plus it lets kids exercise their creativity by developing their own style and flair.
    This shouldn’t need to be legislated, this should be common sense.

    and re: United: two large! Ha. I understand United released that out of a desperate attempt at damage control, but now why would ANY bumped passenger settle for much less than 10 grand?
    I read somewhere the previous average amount for bumped passengers was in the neighborhood of $800 – mostly in vouchers and “credits”. Not a good move, United.
    As for “but its the rules!” folk: this is yet another example of how corporations and elites have rigged the system, for their own benefit. People are noticing, and rebelling against, all these little perks and exclusions. Expect to see more and more of this in the future.

    • Marc,

      I thought the same thing about United’s policy shift, but as I frequently repeat in my almost complete book, “The average American voter is the equivalent of an off-meds ADHD sixth grader coming off a 3 day sugar and video gaming binge. United will never have to offer more than 2 grand.


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