The 4/24/2017 First Ward Podcast

… is right here!


Today I talk about:

  • The real reason local retail is failing – bad service!
  • Now the Courier-News takes on U-46 school board candidates Holt and Essendrop? Be still my beating heart!
  • Blago’s gonna be in jail til 2024
  • Governor Rauner’s PMS flairs up again
  • We need a march for science?
  • And I’m taking on Demitrius Smith in the Elgin Fox Trot 5K

This will be the first of many podcasts that will feature Larry Jones, Kurt Kojzarek, Jeff Meyer and other fascinating guests.

If you want to make a First Ward appearance, or there’s something you simply want to see us cover, leave a comment here or send an email to Let’s continue the conversation!


Jeff Broadcast 2

3 thoughts on “The 4/24/2017 First Ward Podcast

  1. I, also, would consider re-evaluating my life choices were I to come down on the same side John Kass.

  2. We need to talk about what you are doing vs what you could be doing . . . .

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