You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

First, I want to express my immense gratitude to all the people who reached out to Larry and me in the past week. It’s heartening to know that Ward & Jones had a place in so many of your hearts. I certainly put mine into it.

Larry and I continue to talk, and he mentioned the possibility of a scaled down version of the show with other co-hosts. If that’s the case, he has my full support.

Meanwhile, there may be other possibilities with WRMN, but considering how good that station was to me, I felt even the mildest “it’s gotta be this way not that” declaration would’ve amounted to extortion.

And I refuse to do that. Moving on was the right decision.

Through navigating this particular dark night of the soul, I’ve discovered that, like the refrain from ‘Tubthumbing’ by Chumbawumba, “I get knocked down, but I get up again, cause you’re never gonna keep me down.”

So while I’ll focus on finishing ‘So You Want to Win a Local Election,’ running campaigns and my communications consulting business, I will also continue to post my thoughts here. Despite Larry’s and my best efforts, the playing field is not nearly level enough.

I may also unleash the philosophical side my closest friends see a little bit more. Kurt Kojzarek said something about choosing to be victim that completely changed my definition of that word.

It will be more than the written word too! With most of the audio equipment already acquired, podcasts are inevitable and some of them will certainly feature co-hosts.

So (time permitting) I’ll be back tomorrow. We’ll start by covering the Geneva city council races and move on to Chairman Lauzen’s attempt to co-opt the Aurora mayoral race for his own benefit.

The privilege of exacting your own karma doesn’t come along very often!


But most of all, having been the victim of a Class-X Felony, I will spare nothing in taking on the utterly  dysfunctional Kane County “justice” system. It needs to be completely broken down and rebuilt. That means:

1. Exposing a State’s Attorney’s office in which an absentee boss with higher aspirations let it get completely out of control. I’ve already started that process with the series of columns on the ill-gotten public defender emails in the Rak case.

2. Directly taking on the judges who believe the black dress gives them right to ignore the law, press personal vendettas and basically bully and disrespect anyone and everyone in their path. There’s three I have in mind.

3. Writing and working to change the law so prosecutors don’t treat crime victims exponentially worse than they do the defendants. Illinois desperately needs a victims’ rights bill with some teeth.

Who said being fearless wasn’t a fascinating proposition?

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