All good things…

You pay a price for telling the truth and, as of late, that price has gotten pretty steep, financially and mentally. I’m not complaining about it – I knew exactly what I was getting myself into – it’s that I’ve reevaluated my priorities. And after 11 years of trying to bring balance to the force, I’m worn out, stressed, and very unhappy.

Put more simply, I’m no longer willing to accept the consequences for speaking my mind.

Thank you

Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of Left, Right and You and Ward & Jones. I started out as a sometime sub and, through a lot of effort, turned it into a regular three day a week show. We got some great sponsors too. But the truth is, Larry and I still have to pay for airtime and I’m not willing to do that anymore.

I’m 58 years old and it’s time to stop chasing impossible dreams. Newspapers and the Huffington Post taught readers the written word comes for free so no one’s gonna hire me as a columnist. If some major radio station was going to sweep me off my feet, it would’ve happened sometime in the last 6 years.

I was thrilled when the show expanded, but putting out three quality products a week is a very time consuming proposition.

Put more simply, for my own mental health, I need to devote my full attention to those endeavors that provide a financial return.

In no way am I blaming or criticizing WRMN, they have been very, very good to me on every bleepin’ level. In fact, their kindness propelled me to do the show much longer than I probably should have. I knew it was a brokered show going in, and I knew that wasn’t going to change.

Put more simply, I have decided it’s time to move on to other things.

I want to thank WRMN and, especially Leah Unser. I want to thank my co-hosts Larry Jones, Allen Skillicorn, Tim Elenz, and Paul Edwards for some really fun shows. I want to thank our sponsors, Ancel Glink, American Eagle Bank, Driver Tom, and Bravo Magazine for having faith in us.

But most of all, I want to thank you, the listeners. Without you, none of this would’ve been possible. When I said, “Thank you for listening,” I really meant it.

15 thoughts on “All good things…

  1. Jeff,

    Good luck in your next endeavor. I didn’t always agree with you and sometimes gasped at your unique turn of a phrase. But you always spoke your mind and accepted whatever the consequences were. And I always enjoyed reading or hearing what you had to say. Journalism, like chivalry, is dead and buried alongside the truth. And there are no mourners. The public has a short attention span and a disturbingly high tolerance for chicanery. Not to mention that most people just don’t give a damn. So it looks like things will have to get much worse before they get better. Hopefully, we all survive to see better days. Good night and good luck.

  2. At age 70, and disgusted with hypocritical politicians and ignorant voters, especially with the results of this recent election, I am also throwing in the towel.

    Maybe we’ll meet in a bar for a drink someday soon.

    You know how to find me.

  3. Good luck Jeff
    You have my number if you need me

  4. I only found your show last fall but since then I’ve looked forward to every episode. You got me interested in local politics and educated me about what’s going on in my own school district, library district, township, and village.

    Thank you for all of your effort and insight!

    Mike Pajeau

  5. You guys brought quality radio to Elgin and beyond with your current affairs/political show. I shall miss it! Good Luck!

    • Fred,

      I appreciate the compliment and, with the smoke clearing, I may be back in a number of different forms that will be more beneficial to me.


  6. Will the blog live on?

  7. I was only able to catch replays which I’ll miss. But as long as this site goes on I’ll be happy. There’s a lot of information here that would never be printed in the DH.

  8. Not much of real political or social value EVER gets published in the DH.

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