Quick Hit – Re-elect Ron Singer!

When my family moved to Geneva in 1997, Fourth Ward Alderman Ron Singer was the very first Kane County politician I met. And that man worked relentlessly to resolve an issue we had with a recalcitrant strip mall owner.

Normally I don’t look back on such sticky situations with a sense of affection, but in this case, I do. You see, as Ron provided regular updates, we’d talk about many other things. My understanding of Geneva came directly from Ron Singer.

Fast forward twenty years, and I’m honored to be counted among Ron’s friends. Who else would immediately rescue a semi-frantic constituent who managed to lock himself out of his truck at the Judicial Center? It’s just one of the many services Alderman Singer provides.

All kidding aside, Ron Singer’s 16 years of service to the city he loves is one of the reasons Geneva is what it is. He’s never too busy to talk to a constituent, he’ll work on your concern until it’s reasonably resolved, and I’ve never heard him complain about the endless hours he puts into that “part-time” job.

Ron Singer

Ron & Marilyn Singer

If I have half his energy when I’m 84, I’ll consider myself blessed. (Actually, if I had half his endurance now, I’d be happy.)

Ron Singer brings a keen sense of where we’ve been and where we need to go to the Geneva City Council. He can get his hackles up, but I’ve never seen him put on a show or disrespect a fellow councilman just to make a point. He’s a passionate champion of Geneva’s senior citizens as well.

I could go on extolling his virtue, but let’s get right to what I admire most about Ron.

At a time when partisan politics make this a lost art, he still understands that, when a vote isn’t going your way, a tactical retreat might be the best part of your long-term strategy. Put more simply, Ron knows that prudently keeping your powder dry is how you get things done on the dais.

But most of all, since becoming a columnist in 2006, I have enjoyed every last one of our 15 minute debates. Trust me, I don’t say that about too many people. Most of you all are kind of annoying.

As you would expect, Ron and I have disagreed on a number of issues over the years and I haven’t always been able to persuade him to my point of view. But I look forward to those conversations because they’re always civil, they revolve around the facts, we truly listen to each other, and we never seem to lose sight of the current political realities.

I also applaud Alderman Singer for having the courage to recently and respectfully question the Mayor’s leadership. You know, if Ron Singer says something like that…

One of the perils of participating in this fascinating existence is we’re occasionally faced with difficult choices. But this ain’t one of them. Please join me in sending Ron Singer back to the Fourth Ward City Council seat he has so clearly earned.

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