Quick Hits – March 14, 2017

Mayor Burns is at it again!

After the press had a field day with his absurd abuse of the City’s email system during his disastrous 2012 County chair campaign, you’d think Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns would’ve learned something.

GenevaBut no, he hasn’t! Because last week, one of my spies noted an official City SUV unloading yard signs at the Mayor’s Kaneville Road residence during work hours.

Look! The fact that city employees are helping Kevin out doesn’t really bother me. C’mon! We’re talking about a tried and true Chicago area tradition here. Considering how well he treats them at contract negotiation time, I’m sure that ain’t nearly the only staffer mobilizing on his behalf – during work hours.

That said, I am kind of insulted that, after that 2012 debacle, the Mayor would be this bleepin’ blatant about it! Did they really have to use a vehicle with the City logo brightly emblazoned on it? I can’t wait to hear his latest excuse.

But wait! There’s more!

Referencing old supporter lists, Burns and his “campaign team” are planting scads of signs on front lawns of folks who haven’t actually requested one. That gives a whole new meaning to the term “unwanted advances.”

And these Geneva denizens are afraid to remove that political litter because they fear the Mayor’s potential victorious wrath – especially the homeowners who own local businesses.

Who said intimidation won’t get you far in politics?

Given Burns’ propensity to misbehave, I’m sure I’ll have more more on this before April 4th!


Will you marry me Ms. Mendoza?

In yet another case of the gander getting the goose, Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza just gave Governor Rauner what for by stalling one of his pet projects.

MendozaAsking why consulting firms should be paid before senior centers, hospice care, and universities, Mendoza suspended $27 million in payments on the Governor’s $250 million state computer modernization initiative.

Normally I don’t go for this kind of government tit-for-tat tactics,  but because Bruce is so blind to his own faults and failures, I’m really getting a kick out of our Comptroller these days!

So! Since my longsuffering wife wants to get rid of me anyway, the proposal stands Susana.


Hug a public defender!

To continue with one of my more recent First Ward themes, it is officially Public Defense Week all across this great nation of ours. But rather than reiterate my vast love and admiration for the folks who put the word “justice” in justice system, I’ll simply refer back to an earlier piece.

Meanwhile, I’m issuing an official Ward & Jones proclamation making it mandatory to hug at least one public defender before midnight on Saturday.

In fact, there’s one who might get slightly more than a hug from me.

Whoa! Wait a minute? How do you know it’s not a guy you sexist bastards!

2 thoughts on “Quick Hits – March 14, 2017

  1. Planting signs on lawns of FORMER supporters, without asking, is a Chris Lauzen tradition.

    We are seeing it in Elburn. where candidate Jeff Walter’s people have been placing unwanted campaign signs on private property without permission. Remove the sign, make a complaint, and next day, find another one on your property.

  2. Thank you Observer I was just about to point that very thing out. Chairman Lauzen has done that for years. The only difference is that he (Lauzen) leaves a very polite note saying you’ve done it in the past and if you don’t want it now just let us know..”

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