The 3/8/17 edition of Ward & Jones

… is right here!


The Smiling Conservative and I covered:

  • Chairman Chris Lauzen seeking a second job (in return for endorsing Rick Guzman)
  • The Tribune taking Governor Rauner to task for killing the grand budget bargain
  • U-46 and the teachers agree to a one year contract
  • And much more

No Ward & Jones on Friday so we’ll be back Monday at 3 p.m. Until then…


Clowns Jokers 2

One thought on “The 3/8/17 edition of Ward & Jones

  1. Your observation of the DAILY HERALD endorsing incumbents has been obvious for years.

    That paper also has a habit of ‘baiting’ new people to run in elections, then endorsing their incumbent opponents.

    The D.H. topped both of the above this year, by waiting until the LAST WEEK of petition filing to ‘encourage’ new people to run!

    Re: Lauzen: He once stated “Politics is a dirty business,” and Chris’ history in politics certainly bears this out!

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