Quick Hit – This ain’t governing!

Back in 2009, when my fellow Geneva Caucasians – you know, the ones who have a best friend who’s black – said they believed Barack Obama was out to destroy this country, I thoroughly enjoyed explaining the error of their way. Who knew bigots would resent being called bigots?

Fast forward to 2017 and, in yet another irony of vast proportion, Illinois has a “conservative” governor who actually is doing his best to destroy the State. There’s no other explanation for Governor Rauner’s bizarre behavior.


Christine Radogno

As we’ve been discussing on Ward & Jones, at first, the Governor lauded Senate President John Cullerton and Minority Leader Christine Radogno for trying to forge the kind of budget compromise that he could really get behind.

But then, a scant month later, Rauner told the Tribune Editorial Board that he would never agree to such a scurrilous deal and he wouldn’t budge until the Democrats completely capitulated.

Two weeks after that, citing the “tremendous leadership” of Radogno and Cullerton, Governor Rauner stipulated that an income tax hike and sales tax expansion weren’t out of the question. So the “grand compromise” lurched forward one more time.

And we all know it’s a good compromise because every Springfield soul truly hates it – Democrat and Republican alike.


John Cullerton

But just when the Illinois Senate was set to caucus and run through a voice vote on some of the agreement’s more problematic provisions, nothing happened. This, of course, begs that famous Zen question, “what’s the sound of nobody voting?”

Depending upon who you’re talking to, either the Senate Republicans, who depend on Bruce’s deep pockets for reelection, got cold feet, sought his counsel, and he tore them a new one; or the Governor called them in and tore them a new one because that’s just the kinda guy he is.

Either way, the end result was the same. Democrats accused Rauner of sabotaging the deal and Rauner’s people suddenly claimed it wasn’t ready for prime time. And everyone, including those seriously chastised Republican senators, were left scratching their collective heads.

In fact, the GOP senators were so upset, they actually reached out to their Democratic counterparts and apologized for the Governor’s peculiar and utterly unpredictable behavior.


Emperor Raunertine

Say what you will about Darth Madigan, but you know exactly what you’re getting into with him. Meanwhile, the Governors magnificent ‘Three Faces of Eve’ impersonation is making it impossible for floor leaders to negotiate in good faith.

And nobody can tell me what Bruce’s game plan really is.

So my theory is, he has no game plan and he never did. This grand compromise insanity is just another symptom of his – and most conservatives’ – vast political immaturity. They believe in governing by tantrum, never negotiating, and if you hold your breath long enough, you’ll always get your way.

But since he can’t have his way and he can’t just take his football and go home, the Governor would rather preside over the destruction of the state out of sheer spite. Shades of Emperor Nero.

I guess you really can’t trust white people, can you?

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