Quick Hits – March 1, 2017

It’s been a bad week for Joe McMahon

McMahonWe’re not going to get into the efficacy of asset forfeiture here because none of us have that kind of time. Not only that, but most of the argument will become moot when, despite the Orange Man’s always fascinating proclamations, Illinois legalizes marijuana sooner rather than later.

With that stipulation issued, once law enforcement does seize drug money, the statute makes it clear that it can only go towards items or training in furtherance of the War on Drugs. For example, you can’t use that cash to buy office furniture as Kane County Sheriff Don Kramer did.

Now I’m hearing all sorts of rumblings that this asset forfeiture personal slush fund mentality has gotten worse. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that some high level insiders brought the errant spending to the State’s Attorney’s attention, and Joe McMahon simply ignored it.

You can bet your sweet bippie I’ll get my hands on that documentation sooner rather than later too! Until I do, between compromised public defender emails and this story, the State’s Attorney’s “rising star” suddenly seems to be on the wane.


Like a broken clock!

Apparently, even I can be right a couple of times a year. Of course, no one will ever let me forget about my infamous “Donald Trump can’t possibly win declaration,” but that’s beside the point.

Nobody – not even Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller – believed me when I boldly predicted that State Rep Linda Chapa LaVia wouldn’t make it past the primary. In fact, I defiantly declared that Richard Irvin and Rick Guzman would move on to April 4 and that’s exactly what happened.


Now, before you say I’m psychotic…I mean psychic, this one wasn’t all that difficult to surmise. Linda’s “Springfield, Springfield, Springfield, Union, Union, Union” messaging was two steps below horrific.

The average age of a Kane County consolidated election voter is 62 and they’re more Republican and conservative than your even-year election crowd. So while Richard and Rick were hitting those voters with the right message, Linda was preaching to the choir and the choir never elected anyone.

Her clueless campaign team had no idea how to run a municipal election.

Furthermore. Ms. Chapa LaVia’s off-meds ADHD 13 year-old girl forum performances were the stuff of legend. The constant mugging, sighing, foot stamping, arm crossing, sighing, waving to friends and family, head shaking, and generally immature antics did not play well with those crowds.

And word of that kind of arrogance tends to get around!

I still can’t believe a couple of forum moderators let her get away with an earphone firmly planted in her right ear. Of course, the “man behind the curtain” didn’t help her out very much either.

While I firmly believe that no one can match Richard Irvin’s leadership and experience, I’ve gotta say that I’ve never seen a major candidate improve over the course of a campaign like Rick Guzman did.


I feel sorry for Karen McConnaughay?

Yes I do! I guess politics really does make for some rather strange bedfellows.

mcconnaughay-4The last thing I want is another tax hike, but we’re not going to simply cut our way out of this Springfield budget morass. It’s going to take a painful compromise by both sides to get the State back on its almost junk bond feet.

So when, like the Governor, State Senator McConnaughay said she was willing to bend in the tax hike regard, I thought it was a good thing. But the not-so-fine folks at the Illinois Policy Institute were not nearly as amused. Why, they immediately started going after Karen like Donald Trump chasing a Muslim immigrant.

Remember, the IPI likes to toss the RINO epithet around like confetti and they claim they’re free from all political partisanship until you realize they’re financed by the Koch Brothers.

Don’t get me wrong! Ms. McConnaughay remains absurdly imperious, utterly insecure, and pretty much full of herself, but I’d hate to see her get “primaried” for actually doing the right thing!

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