Quick Hits – February 26, 2017 – Part 1

It’s hard to do the right thing when you’re so busy covering your posterior!


D304 Superintendent Kent Mutchler

The Geneva School Board has made it abundantly clear they won’t act. Top district officials are quieter than a clam with lockjaw. And the Geneva Police are already in full coverup mode. You see, Mayor Burns insists that everything’s always awesome in Geneva!

And what do you think the odds are they’ll actually let me speak at tomorrow’s D304 school board meeting. I’m sure one of Geneva’s finest will be on hand to make sure I don’t get a word in edgewise. All I can say is, it will be an interesting public commentary period.

More on this story as the week progresses!


Privileged emails? Not if you’re a Kane County public defender!

I am baffled as to why KC State’s Attorney Joe McMahon and top Prosecutor Joe Lulves fervently believe that gaining access to and clearly reading public defender emails isn’t a problem! And I know they think it’s not a problem because they’re the ones who set this very possibility up!


KCSA Joe McMahon

So not only does a defendant have to face the full weight and vast resources of the people, but SAO staffers have had access to their attorney’s emails in 216 cases since 2013. And the SAO ain’t talking to me either.

The frightening thing is, all an SAO Attorney Deborah Lang has to do is sign an affidavit that she didn’t read a thing and the judge will pretend it never happened. But you and I both know that, if a police officer got ahold of privileged information, that case would be thrown out faster than CNN reporter from a presidential press conference.

Jeff Meyer and I will break this story on Tomorrow’s (Monday the 27th) Ward & Jones at 3 p.m.


You poor delicate conservative snowflakes!

First, Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam won’t face his constituents. Than that walking disaster known as Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert won’t hold town hall meetings because Gabby Giffords got shot at one.

Donald Trump

Never mind that she would’ve been fine if Republicans wouldn’t insist upon putting guns in the hands of the severely mentally ill.

And now Orange Man Group member Donald trump won’t attend the traditional White House Correspondents Dinner. The only President to miss that humorous gathering was Ronald Reagan in 1981. And he had a really good excuse – he’d just been shot!

The only word that accurately describes the President here is the female body part he so loves to grab.

Meanwhile, Elgin conservatives are such delicate snowflakes that they keep stealing a Black Lives Matter sign from the Unitarian Church on Highland. Poor babies! Someone has the temerity to disagree with them!

6 thoughts on “Quick Hits – February 26, 2017 – Part 1

  1. Randy Hultgren is doing a bang up job of evading his constituents these days.

  2. Regarding the Geneva School Board… what did I miss?

    • Dear Lisainil,

      Everybody missed something but me. But the problem is, having obtained the police report, the 911 call audio, and Circuit Clerk documents, it’s very difficult to determine exactly what the truth is. I have my suspicions, but as every good journalist knows, suspicions are never enough to make some sort of proclamation.

      Are the Geneva Police engaging in some sort of coverup? I’m never surprised at the depths to which that group can sink. Might they have done the right thing here. Anything’s possible!

      My suggestion would to anyone interested in taking a crack at the truth would be, FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) the police report from the Geneva Police Department and the 911 call audio from Tri-Com. With that information in hand, go ahead and pick up the complaint from the Circuit Clerk’s office.

      It’s not that difficult to determine the D304 Superintendent’s address.

      Once you’re armed with everything I have, determining the truth is up to you!


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