The 2/20/17 edition of Ward & Jones

is right here:


Don’t forget! Starting February 27, Ward & Jones is going to 3 days a week! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3 to 4 p.m. That’s 50 percent more local news insights, 50 percent more interviews, and, best of all, 50 percent more Jeff and Larry!

Today we covered a number of topics mostly based on the fact that that conservatives are just a bunch of snowflakes!

Larry will be back Thursday at 3 p.m. Until then…




2 thoughts on “The 2/20/17 edition of Ward & Jones

  1. Which Aurora candidate are you working for Jeff?

  2. “John,”

    How could I make it any fucking clearer? I’ve said it 10 times on the air already – including today. Put on your big girl panties, use your real name, and stop annoying people who can actually think for themselves.

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