The 2/13/17 edition of Ward & Jones

is right here:


The Smiling Conservative and I covered most of what we set out to:

  • The continuing South Elgin Kenyon Woods Middle School saga
  • The Campton Hills rehab center (It’s comin’ folks)
  • Does Dan Proft really think it’s voter fraud?
  • Will State Rep David McSweeny prevail in his effort to ban red light cameras?

We also want to thank Jeff for calling in today. Ward & Jones will be back on Thursday at 3 p.m. Until then…

Clown Joker

One thought on “The 2/13/17 edition of Ward & Jones

  1. As a nurse of many years, I respectfully disagree with you when you make excuses for the school nurse not taking more expedient action because they are not trauma nurses. Head injuries = 911 PERIOD. You don’t have to understand concussions or be a first responder to know the kid needs to be assessed. It’s nursing 101 (well maybe nursing 102). I don’t care if she’s never seen it before (all the more reason you call 911 for evaluation).

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