This is the August 29, 2015 edition of Ward & Jones!


Larry and I want to thank 66th District State Rep candidates Allen Skillicorn and Nancy Zettler for coming into the Ward & Jones studios for their first debate.

And this debate completely disavowed that hackneyed notion that all major party candidates are alike. Nancy’s and Allen’s political perspectives couldn’t be more different. 66th District folks! You really do have a choice!

Thursday! Larry and I will cover subjects like:

  • Elgin Councilman John Prigge goes after Rose Martinez’ church!
  • In light of  the University of Chicago’s letter, the truth about college safe zones and trigger warnings
  • Another Longmeadow Parkway Bridge public hearing
  • Kemper Insurance sues the State!

Until then…

Clowns Jokers 2


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