Quick Hits – April 5, 2016

Ya gotta get over it!

Maybe it’s the no one loses at t-ball generation, or it could be they’re handing out medals to every 5k participant these days, but whatever it is, it’s fascinating to watch second place candidates go into the kind of conniptions and fits of rationalization that we generally ascribe to fifth graders.

I know it’s tough to put yourself out there, day after long campaign day, only to be rejected by the voters, but it’s happened to virtually every politician at least once. And the conspiracy theories these also-rans concoct to absolve themselves of any complicity in their loss, are equally fascinating.

Whatever happened to conceding with a little grace and, with a little hard-earned wisdom, coming back to give it another shot?

Oh yes he did!

To perfectly illustrate this rampant sore loser phenomenon, here’s an excerpt from a letter Oswego Republican James Marter posted after Mark Kirk soundly defeated him in the U. S. Senate primary:

I guess the question I have for the governor is what is he doing meddling in Republican Primaries in the first place? He was supposedly against that type of establishment political class gerrymandering in his run for Governor as an “outsider”, and claims to be against it when it comes to redistricting. And to be clear, I am not talking about simply being for a candidate and providing them assistance.

Trust me, I know better than anyone this election primary, the power of the Governor’s money and the cowardice of those under its influence. When I entered the race for U.S. Senator against incumbent, but hardly Republican Mark Kirk, I was assuming a level playing field. I can assure you that did not happen. On day two, I found out that the governor’s and Kirk’s people were none too happy with little known me. What were they afraid of? I was and still am, nobody special. The plan was to get Kirk on the ballot (see link’s below) but swap him out before the Primary was over. However, I am not sure what geniuses downstate came up with that plan. Based on Kirk’s victory speech on election night, I am pretty sure he was never down with the plan. Time will tell and we shall see.

Mr. Marter goes on to extol his campaign virtue, blast the Illinois GOP for their obvious chicanery, and then salute truth, justice, and the American way – or at least his version of it. In fact, it contains all of the elements we’ve already discussed!

The heinous Governor stole the election with his seedy money and undue influence because the Illinois Republican Party had already conspired to replace Mark Kirk with their anointed son the second after he prevailed.

Of course it wasn’t Mr. Marter’s fault, The Man had it out for him all along.

Marter 2

I reject your reality and substitute my own

Perhaps there would be something to Mr. Marter’s theory if he lost the election by five points or less. But HE GOT BEAT BY BLEEPIN’ 40 POINTS! Count ‘em, 40! That basically means would’ve won if he didn’t lift a single campaign finger.

Our delusional candidate’s daft decision to take on an unbeatable opponent lies squarely at his own feet and no one else’s. His bizarre theory that some smoke filled room figures are now exiling Mark Kirk to politic Siberia while as they insert their anointed son is pure poppycock.

The Illinois GOP knows Mark Kirk is the only Republican in Illinois with any shot at beating Tammy Duckworth. Conversely, had Marter somehow managed to pull the primary off, Tammy would have proceeded to make his 40 point loss look like a walk in the park.

But the Governor can’t let go of anything, now can he?

Remember when looney 22nd District State Senator Michael Noland stood as the lone no-vote against Michael Madigan’s quest to become Illinois Democratic Chairman for the 347th consecutive time? Everyone oohed and ahhed about the impending payback that never came.

Say what you will about The Speaker, but he understands that killing a flea with a sledgehammer is hardly worth his time. But sadly, you can’t say the same thing for Governor Rauner, who took Marter’s bait, hook, line, and sinker.

If you recall Marter had thrown his unopposed hat into the Kendall County Republican Chairmanship ring – an utterly thankless job if there ever was one? But soon after he released his dire missive, Governor Rauner, not one to ever let anything go, ordered his foot soldiers to come up with a competing candidate.

Sigh! Ah well. Waddaya expect of someone who directly responds to Rich Miller.

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – April 5, 2016

  1. Jeff, I’m not a Republican but if I was, after this outstanding example of being a poor loser was released (with heavy emphasis on loser), I’D be trying to find someone else for that Kendal County Republican Chairmanship. Any body but this loser. Maybe Bob Russell would move; you know how little I care for him, but even HE would be a better choice than “I picked a fight I couldn’t possibly win then Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA rigged the election against me” Marter.

    • Jeff,

      I generally agree, but County Republican Chairman is such a thankless task that it’s the perfect karma for Mr. Marter’s particular kind of entitlement mentality. Please note that no one else in Kendall County is willing to do it!


  2. It’s beginning to look like Marter will run for ANYTHING, just to get noticed. His senate campaign was a joke to begin with, doomed because he started a few months before the election, with NO money, NO staff, NO campaign plan, except to gain a lot of idealistic vocal support from people who didn’t want Kirk, but were willing to grasp at any straw…and Marter was the ‘straw.”

    Marter kind of reminds me of Chicago’s own Lar “America First” Dal, if you are old enough to remember that perennial candidate (and perennial LOSER.)

  3. Oh! I most certainly remember Lar “America First” Daly. He was always entertaining!

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