Quick Hits – April 1, 2016

Jarett Sanchez part 1

Larry, Jarett and JeffIt appears I wuz wrong! 24th District Democratic Kane County Board candidate, Jarett Sanchez, is not a deadbeat dead. He provided me with evidence that the court records I cited were simply the finalization of the first formal child support agreement between he and his ex-wife.

What’s unusual about this case is there was no court-ordered child support stipulation before then, and when he and his ex-wife decided to put it in writing, the process became rather contentions.

But until and unless anyone can prove differently, I retract my deadbeat dad statement and hope this revelation puts an end to those rumors.

Jarett Sanchez part 2

Though I affectionately refer to my anti-Longmeadow Parkway Bridge friends as “loons,” at least politically, Mr. Sanchez ain’t one. But should he prevail in November, a likely possibility, that lack of loony-ness is gonna come back to bite him in the butt.

You see, while Jarett has a reasonable outlook on what he can and can’t accomplish as a single member of a 24 person board, his constituents do not. Remember, they’re the same folks who, after one township referendum, declared that 70 percent of Kane County is against the bridge.

Actually, 3 percent of Kane County voters are demonstrably against the project, but they’ll never get that.

After talking with Jarett on Left, Right and You yesterday, it’s clear he’s not going to shriek “stop the bridge” at every turn. He’s not about to co-opt committee meanings in a display of zealous opposition righteousness. And he basically said that, while his potential constituents deserve to be heard, he can’t single-handedly stop any bridge.

But his district thinks he can.

And when they finally realize he can’t, they’ll turn on him faster than a presidential contender on a female Fox News host. Ah well! Politics certainly ain’t a game for sissies.

Only in DuPage County

In an effort to prove truth is always stranger than fiction, failed DuPage County recorder candidate Moon Kahn is taking his write-in candidacy to a whole new level. As if there weren’t enough loons on this crowded planet already.

Moon Kahn

Moon Kahn

Apparently Moon hired an attorney to investigate whether a “suspected software malfunction” stripped him of 3,405 write-in votes, leaving him 145 short of the 844 required to make the November ballot cut.

And that’s the first symptom of Moon’s specific form of insanity because no DuPage County Democratic candidate ever has or ever will get 4,000 bleepin’ write-in votes. And anyone who thinks they can truly is certifiable.

DuPage Election Commission Executive Director Robert Saar said, “There’s absolutely no possibility there was a problem with the voting machines,” and he’s dead on because, as I’ve explained before, these digital devices are an all-or-nothing proposition. In addition, I’ve worked with Mr. Saar and unlike some local election authorities, he actually knows what he’s doing.

But here’s the thing!

Considering all the time, effort, and money he’s putting into this boondoggle, why didn’t Moon simply get his name on the ballot just like every other candidate did? Perhaps he was too busy conjuring up conspiracy theories to get the required signatures. Failing that, wouldn’t it be much easier to go to the DuPage Democrats and ask to be slated?

It’s not like there’s a horde of Democratic candidates rushing to run for Recorder because they know they can’t win!

But no! This nutcase and his off-the-wall attorney are going to insist upon making everyone miserable by wasting a ton of time and money over a pursuit that makes Don Quixote look reasonable by comparison.

Hey dude! You lost – get over it! It really does take all kinds, doesn’t it?

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