Quick Hits – March 8, 2016

Oh yeah! That’ll work.

Apparently, political mastermind and Kane County Coroner, Rob Russell, hatched a new scheme. I’d like to say Chairman candidate Ken Shepro came up with the nefarious plot, but he is somewhat smarter than that and his opponent’s signs were left unmolested.

Tiballi SignsBut there it was as I drove down Randall Road! Coroner candidate Bob Tiballi’s signs defaced with cardboard banners or stickers completely obscuring his name. Those interloping devices shrieked “Illegally Placed” even though the signs weren’t.

Oh my lord!

Rob is clearly panicking in these final pre-election days and, as we all know, he doesn’t have the best judgement when the pressure’s off.

He’s terrified because Tiballi’s already launched three mailers while he hasn’t sent a single piece because he has no money. There was all of three grand in Russell’s campaign account at the end of 2015 and his only reasonable 2016 contribution was a grand from State Senator Karen McConnaughay.

Not only that, and even though they’re not nearly as important as mailers, Rob hasn’t fared too well in forums either. Why, he even told one group that his most important concern was his staff. I would’ve said “my constituents,” but that’s just me.

The ironic part of all this is, in Rob’s warped world, this plan couldn’t possibly backfire by bringing more attention to Tiballi’s signs, all of which were repaired in very short order.

What’s next Rob? Putting a flaming bag of dog poop at Bob’s front door and running away?


You can’t ignore me Dan!

Remember, that’s exactly what set off Alex Forrest in that infamous movie. Considering how well this tactic works with judges, police officers, prosecutors, and city councils, I’m always amazed whenever any entity thinks playing ostrich will somehow make things better.

Tower Building StoneBecause it never does.

So I can’t understand why Neal Pitcher and the Stickling Foundation, the Elgin Tower Building’s current owners, completely ignored a City Council request to erect a canopy to capture the structure’s falling façade.

The last we heard, the cash-poor Foundation was approaching impending buyers Capstone Development and Richard Souyoul to pay the freight, but that clearly hasn’t happened. So now the City has to go to court to ensure they can recover the cash for installing that barrier themselves.

Hey Neal! Sell the damn building already! Every day you hang onto that fading structure means on more issue that reduces its value! You’ve been negotiating the sale since the end of 2014 and, had you struck immediately after the second Muscarello lawsuit was dismissed, the deteriorating façade would’ve been someone else’ problem.

But no! Instead, you’ve completely aggravated the City Council, the Developer is losing patience, and business are complaining about the lack of work. If the Foundation’s strategy is to be stuck with a structure that nobody wants, you’re doing a bang-up job.


Kane County Republicans better be lookin’ over their shoulder!

Party Chairman Tom Hartwell and I’ve had this conversation many times. Despite his best efforts – and they are excellent efforts – the Kane County GOP remains more fractured than the San Andreas Fault.

KC Democrats

You’ve got the McConnaughay crew refusing to attend any Lauzen event or invite them to one of theirs and vice versa. Then, Sen Jim Oberweis seems to march to his own drummer. Even State Party Chairman Tim Schneider recently felt the need to issue that famous “Why can’t Kane County Republicans all get along” plea to no avail.

And I keep warning the Republicans that, with Kane County becoming more Hispanic with every breath, if the Democrats ever manage to get their act together, they GOP’s inability to put their differences aside and come together for the good of the Party means they’re doomed.

But it may already be too late because I just attended the Democrats’ Truman Dinner in North Aurora and they are getting their act together.

Don’t get me wrong, they have their own factions who won’t be sending each other Christmas cards anytime soon, but unlike the Republicans, they do manage to set aside their differences to come together for a great Party event.

Not only did Tammy Duckworth give a great keynote address, but former Governor Pat Quinn, Senator Dick Durbin, Treasurer Michael Frerichs, Congressman Bill Foster and a number of other big names took the time to stop by or say a few words.

I’ve been to a vast number of Kane County Republican events and none of ‘em came close to this one folks.

Tom! You know I don’t envy your position, but, in the immortal words of that great Republican Ben Franklin, if your party can’t hang together, they will most certainly hang separately!


This is why I like Anna Moeller

Though I regularly take crap from my plethora of Republican friends (it’s what they do best!), they seem to have a particular fixation on my friendship with 43rd District State Rep Anna Moeller.

But here’s a perfect example of why I like her so much.

Steve, Anna and JeffAt that same Truman Dinner, I made a point of introducing friend of Left, Right and You, Treasurer Michael Frerichs, to Kane County Coroner candidate, Tom Martinez. With Martinez standing six-foot-two and the Treasurer peaking at six-foot-eight, my six-feet-even suddenly seemed so small.

Feeling a desperate need to set my world straight, I walked over to Anna and asked if she’d be willing to remedy my sudden onset shortness. Sure enough! She took off her shoes and stood next to me in all her five-foot glory. That did do the trick!

Far too few politicians – and especially Republican politicians – have the kind of self-assurance and sense of humor that allows them to have a little fun at their own expense. (Though, I will say Republicans are really good at making fun of other people.) If they did have that capacity, Springfield would not be locked in its current death spiral.

So the next time one of y’all starts a sentence with “I know you like Anna Moeller but…” I will defend her honor! Is dueling still illegal?

Quick Hits

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