Not so Quick Hits – March 3, 2016

As Kendall County Turns – part two!

Buckle your seatbelts cause this is gonna be another long one folks!

As a result of yesterday’s piece on the recent Kendall County Coroner follies, I dug a little deeper into those sudden strange less-than-a-month-before-the-election audio tape releases. They certainly seem intended to embarrass Ken Toftoy, and thus, Carl Gutierrez, who received Kenny’s electoral blessing.

And, wouldn’t you know it! Two separate sources told me the person behind this sudden flurry of in-house recordings is none other than Kendall County Deputy Coroner, office manager, and coroner candidate Jacquie Purcell.


Jacquie Purcell

Please allow me to explain.

It was at Ms. Purcell’s behest that Tofty installed the video cameras covering the front and back entrances to the office. She claimed staff needed to see who’s coming and going, but what she purportedly didn’t do was warn staff that audio recording equipment was part of the equation.

What that means is, my contention that Ken should’ve been smart enough not to talk bleep in front of a microphone may have been faulty. And the fact that he may not have known he was being recorded could turn out to be very problematic for candidate Purcell.

But I digress!

Apparently that recording equipment was activated at some rather odd times that seemed to coincide with Ms. Purcell’s absence – something for which she’s well-known. The other bizarre thing about this scenario is that this audio equipment only saves digital “tapes” for 30 days. So clearly someone was turning on the equipment, recording the staff, reviewing those recordings, and copying the most fascinating segments.

Then, lo and behold, those recordings somehow “made it” into the hands of WSPY’s Larry Nelson, who not only despises Coroner Toftoy, but fancies himself a Kendall County kingmaker. We all have our fantasies, don’t we?

So when WSPY claimed “they obtained” those records, they wanted you to assume they did so by a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA). But we all know exactly how they “obtained” them, right?

Did you know you can FOIA FOIA requests? So I’ll be seeing exactly what WSPY asked the Coroner for – if anything – very shortly.

But Yorkville, we have a problem! Illinois ain’t a one person consent state. If candidate Purcell really is behind those “leaked” recordings and the “victims” didn’t know they were being recorded, that’s a felony!

Given the unique statutory relationship between a Coroner’s and Sheriff’s office, word on the street is the State Police are looking into that serious eavesdropping charge.

Though I have no solid proof (yet), this torrid tale reeks of Oswego political operative and Purcell campaign manager John Reeves handiwork. Let’s just say John removed Toftoy from his Christmas card list years ago.

Their entire point, of course, is to embarrass Ken and weaken Gutierrez so Purcell could simply waltz into the office. So we’ll just call Nelson, Purcell, and Reeves “The Three Musketeers.”

Look, I’m not always a big Ken Toftoy fan. Inviting Joe Arpaio in? He’s a bleepin’ loon. But whatever shortcomings Ken might have, he’s done a great job. That privately funded facility is a great example.

As for all this recent “stuff” on Kenny? It’s just a bunch of BS that will likely prove to be illegally obtained. But even if that’s not the case, Kendall County voters repeatedly elected Ken, for better or worse, knowing exactly what they were getting. So he’s a little old school, big bleepin’ deal.

Making fun of dead bodies, passing out a couple extra badges, and threatening to get muckraker Todd Milliron to mow his lawn is hardly the stuff of political legend. Come on down to Kane County where our guy melted bodies, destroyed state evidence, and went over budget because he bought silly putty to pass out to kids.

I’ll take Ken Toftoy any day!

Oh! And did I forget to mention that Ken Toftoy isn’t running anyway?

The sad thing is, even if only half of this is true, Ken took Jacquie Purcell in after she’d already burnt most coroner bridges. Then, despite a plethora of staff complaints about her performance, he kept her on anyway.

And this is how he gets repaid?

All I can say is, vote for Carl Gutierrez folks!

10 thoughts on “Not so Quick Hits – March 3, 2016

  1. take a look at the eavesdropping statute. If Ms Purcell did do it, she has several felonies pending as there are law enforcement officers in and out fo the office. Those are class 3 felonies. and each recording is a seperate offense.

    720 ilcs 5/14-4

  2. I had the opportunity of working with Kenny outside of the coroner’s office. Kenny was always polite and respectful to any family who unfortunately had a sudden loss of a child via auto accident, sids, or a long term terminal patient. Sure Kenny has his own unique style of dealing with situations but to each their own. Also Kenny is not even running this term so if these recordings were done maliciously I think she should get charged with every charge available. Kenny never did her wrong from my knowledge he respected her and gave her options to thrive and leave her past wrong doings behind her. So if she did these things shame on you Ms Purcell shame on you. Kenny is a good man with an open mind and big heart. Lastly if Kenny was such a horrible human being why would kendall county elect him year after year? Everyone has their flaws but all in all Kenny is a good man who’s done a fantastic job.

  3. I would hate to be recorded at work. I am sarcastic at times and I have a dry sense of humor. My co-workers know when I’m not being serious, but other people listening may not get my humor and misunderstand. I don’t know what Kenny said, and I really don’t want to know. It’s none of my business. The connection to Carl Gutierrez seems a little far removed to affect my vote. But if it turns out Mrs. Purcell did this in pursuit of winning this election, that would make me lean toward voting for Mr. Gutierrez. I am with holding judgment until I see facts.

  4. Not sure if you are aware but both Ms. Percell’s husband, John and Larry Nelson serve on The Fox Valley Family YMCA board. An obvious way he “happen to receive” these recordings.

  5. WSPY filed a FOIA request for something — the audio recordings that no one but one person knew existed. So how did they know to ask for the audio?

    Mrs. Purcell has been mad at Kenny ever since he decided not to support her. And this looks like her payback of some sort of smear campaign.

    Funny thing is we just got her mailer at the house today and on it she points out she is not collecting a pension. Well if she were to be convicted of eavesdropping, a felony in connection with her work, she will loose her pension with the IMRF.

  6. First of all who are you? Why don’t you attach your name on this support piece for corrupt politicians? Secondly why are you encouraging people to vote for Carl when he has absolutely no experience in a coroner’s office? The only thing he has his friends in high places and they are pushing for him because of favors they owe him. If anything this story shows that corruption and favoritism and dirty politics exist heavily in Kendall County and the text. Should be very concerned. How dare you demon eyes someone for exposing the truth and defend those who were caught? Shame on you and shame on everyone who supports you

    • Who am I? My face, name, and bio are all over the bleepin’ blog. Thus, I’m seriously questioning your eyesight.

      Second, I explained why, if this is corruption, it’s really silly corruption which makes me wonder if you actually read the piece.

      And third, I encouraged folks to vote for Carl because Ms. Purcell is clearly facing some serious potential charges.

    • So, you’re buying the Purcell BS they are selling. Carl has worked in the office as a deputy. Jackie didn’t like to put him on the schedule as she made it up. Didn’t want to give him time on calls and such.

      Carl also filled in for her for something like 3 months when she had he last kid. and has filled in when they went on vacation. and for those 3 months, he didn’t collect a pay check for it.

      He has also dealt with homicide investigations and has real law enforcement experience as opposed to little miss wannabe.

      If you want experience, maybe you should ask her about how to maintain her duty weapon and how messed up it was and had to be repaired and cleaned.

      Jeff is right there is way more to this story. I’ll take the guy with 30 years in law enforcement over the one who watches CSI and dreams of being on TV

  7. Comments without names are meaningless. If you stand by your convictions you would use your real name and not some screen name. Seems to me like more Kendall County Cronyism at it’s best! It’s no wonder folks get frustrated and just don’t vote. Kendall County voter turn out has been at an all time low…..maybe the slashing and bashing plays into that?

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