This is the February 29, 2016 edition of Left, Right and You!

And this kind of show could’ve only happened on Leap Day:


Larry and I want to thank Elgin State Reps Anna Moeller and Steve Andersson for coming on the show and proving that, not only can Illinois legislators still talk to each other, but they can come up with some pretty interesting solutions too!

Perhaps there’s hope in Springfield yet!

We also want to thank Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain for calling in and showing his support for this bi-partisan effort.

Thursday! the Smiling Conservative is back in saddle! Until then…

Steve, Anna and Jeff


4 thoughts on “This is the February 29, 2016 edition of Left, Right and You!

  1. Thank you for your show today. It was good to hear Steve Andersson’s perspective on Governor Rauner’s position. I think he explained it very well and I can only hope that his explanation can be shared with many others!

  2. Your sound levels are way off between the one host and the two others.
    In addition , Your total output could use some audio compression to smooth out the peaks and valleys in volume. Your radio station does that when you broadcast over the air, but in the podcast that compression is lacking which means the sound levels can wildly fluctuate even from one syllable to the next. This makes it more difficult for the listener to adjust his volume to comfortably listen and hear everything — especially when he is fighting background noise.
    Since you apparently do this at the radio station, fixing that might be quite simple for whoever takes care of the technical stuff.

  3. Banano,

    Thank you! I am going to send your comment directly to WRMN!


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