Quick Hits – February 17, 2016

Never underestimate…

… the fear that strikes deep within the hearts of local politicians during election season – like Larry and I just did.

Of course, I’m referring to the proposed Campton Hills rehab center going down to a 10 – 0 Development Committee vote yesterday. Though that the fat lady hasn’t quite sung yet, considering that vote, the odds of the full board giving the center the green light before March 15 aren’t real good.

But the odds of a lawsuit are! Who’d a thunk the Zoning Board of Appeals had more sense than a group of County Board members?

kane county 2

Damned if you do…

Though I’m decidedly disappointed in our daunted Development Committee, regardless of the Board’s final rehab center vote, there’s gonna be a lawsuit. The disappointed party, either Maxxam LLC or the citizens of Campton Hills, will inevitably resort to the courts for redress.

But if I had to make a choice between that Scylla and Charybdis, it would clearly be a citizen lawsuit because they rarely succeed. You certainly can’t say the same thing about a determined developer and FHA filing, however.

Campton Hills already paid the 2013 rehab center folks a cool half million for their City Council’s FHA violations and this one’s gonna be no different. Well…with the exception of this rehab center actually being built.


There goes the surplus!

With the number of attorneys on the County Board:

  • Brian Pollock
  • Doug Scheflow
  • John Hoscheit
  • Susan Starrett
  • John Martin
  • Maggie Auger

and a whole separate Board attorney, you’d think that gaggle would have the skills to   avoid lawsuits better than Matt Forte dodges linebackers. But no! Instead, this group actually courts them (pun intended)!

Impending Blackjacks Gentlemen’s Club owner Debra Diaz has already filed a $16 million slam dunk lawsuit against the Board and now we’re going to be on the hook for this one.

Shouldn’t we expect more from our local politicians? Don’t we elect government boards on the basis of their experience and better intelligence? Apparently not, because the Kane County Board is racking up avoidable lawsuits faster that Kanye West can put himself into debt.

Perhaps the Chairman should give Mark Zuckerberg a call.


Alas poor Kenny, I knew him!

As if yesterday’s grueling 3.5 hour Development Committee meeting wasn’t bad enough, our favorite court jester, chairman candidate Ken Shepro just had to get in on the act.

SheproAs Maxxam Partners Principal Steven Marco was right smack in the middle of answering committee member questions, Ken sauntered out of the bleachers, commandeered the microphone, and began to make faux legal points.

Methinks he’s watched one too many Perry Mason rerun on ME TV. Committee Chair Kurt Kozjarek quickly shut him down, but isn’t this exactly what we don’t need? A guy who doesn’t even know how to behave at board meetings running them.

Oh! And once again, proving his previous pronouncement problematic, during his brief outburst, Ken referenced Left, Right and You, the radio show to which he never listens. C’mon Ken! Admit it! You have a life-sized poster of me and Larry hanging on your bedroom wall!

Quick Hits

2 thoughts on “Quick Hits – February 17, 2016

  1. Uh, Jeff, I LIKE you guys and there’s no way I’d put your poster on my bedroom wall.

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