This is the February 15, 2016 edition of Left, Right and You!


Larry and I want to thank former Kane County Chief Judge Keith Brown and Maxxam Partners principal Steven Marco for participating in today’s show. As you already know, Maxxam is trying to bring a high-end rehab center into the County just outside Campton Hills.

We at Left, Right and You would encourage all of those fine yet fearful Campton Hillians to listen to the show and, armed with the facts presented, only then make a judgement as to whether this rehab center will be a problem.

Larry will be back on Thursday! Until then!

Keith and Jeff

3 thoughts on “This is the February 15, 2016 edition of Left, Right and You!

  1. Brown took Maxxim for a ride. How do you propose something that you really have no plan for? You don’t know how much staff you’ll need you don’t know anything. Brown should be ashamed of himself for leading these people on with no real plan at all

    • Within the bounds of a one-hour show, both gentlemen explained:

      -The type of clientele that would use the rehab center
      -How the building would be repurposed
      -The treatment method
      -The number of employees
      -The amount of taxes that will be remitted to the County
      -The specifics of the security plan
      – How clients who want to leave will be handled
      – The accreditations they’re aiming for

      No plan?

      • all lofty goals but no real plan. Coulda, woulda shoulda doesn’t cut it. you need substance how many employees, what will be their resumes look like, how many doctors, how many therapists, how many mental health professional? Accreditation through whom? Too many open ended answers you’ll never satisfy the people unless you have concrete evidence.

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