Quick Hits – February 9, 2016

She’s as cold as ice…

If you were wondering why it’s suddenly so cold outside, without as much as a meteorological degree, I can assure you it’s the result of a rather icy netherworld. And as far as those rare hellish freezes go, this one may well top the record books.

Are you sitting down?

I certainly hope so, because State Senator Karen McConnaughay is about to endorse the man who replaced her. That’s right! The former Chairman is going to openly support Kane County Chairman Chris Lauzen!

I’m so verklempt! Please talk amongst yourselves…

McConnaughayWhat kind of tectonic plate shift could possibly bring this furious dash into the political Twilight Zone to fruition? Political expediency, of course! Given the average voter’s very short memory, the former chairman knows where her electoral bread is buttered and she will gain far more political capital by jumping on Lauzen’s tax levy freeze bandwagon than she will by supporting former friends Mike Kenyon and Ken Shepro.

It’s that simple!

And let me tell you, County Board member Kenyon and Chairman candidate Shepro are not at all amused by this news because Kenyon’s gone “all in” on Shepro, and Shepro was counting on the Queen to put him over the top.

Of course, as I’ve been trying to explain that there’s absolutely no mystery about Ms. McConnaughay all along. Remember the tale of scorpion and the frog? You know, the one in which the scorpion stings his ferry ride mid-river and they both drown?

That one certainly fits here doesn’t it!


A tale of two fundraisers

And it doesn’t get any better for our dynamic duo either!

Last Sunday afternoon, board member Kenyon threw a Shepro for Chairman fundraiser at the Eagles Club in Gilberts. Why, he even went as far as renting their grand ballroom and bragging about bringing in 250 eager cash carrying supporters.


Mike Kenyon

So it must have been somewhat sobering when all of eight people showed up – two of which were ineffective County Board member Maggie Auger and husband Ray. In fact, it got so bad that Mike begged adjoining Superbowl party goers to come over and meet his friend Ken, but they politely declined.

This, of course, begs the question, what if you gave a political fundraiser and nobody came? And I’m sure State Senator Jim Oberweis will have no better luck with his Feb. 17 Eaglebrook Country Club shindig.

Meanwhile, the previous Saturday afternoon, the Lauzen gathering at Gilberts’ Cruisin’ Restaurant drew a capacity crowd to the point where parking places were ever rarer than a Shepro attendee.

Delusional politicians can be so much fun!


My family may be crazy, but they’re not that crazy

I truly owe Elgin Mayor Mayor Dave Kaptain a huge debt of gratitude for giving me the head’s up on this one! Apparently, a number of folks were asking him and his lovely wife, Sandy, if I was related to U-46 School Board member Jeanette Ward.

Yikes! At least they didn’t accuse me of being her husband.

WardSo please allow me to dispel this rumor forthwith! Aside from sharing a first initial and last name, I am not related to Ms. Ward in any way, shape, or form. My family may harbor a particularly interesting brand of lunacy, but we don’t begin to approach the special kind of insanity that governs Ms. Ward’s daily life.

To wit, I would advise against saying, “I am a tree,” in front of her anytime soon.

And as our favorite local school board loon basks in the glory of all the responses to her racist Facebook post, I’d like to point out two things:

First, though it’s no excuse, Ms. Ward has no clue as to how she’s being used by a group of peripheral political players who clearly don’t have her best interest in mind.

And second, It’s really sad that the local Tea Party groups have to resort to having a lowly school board member beat people over the head with their “message.” They certainly can’t get anyone elected, can they? Oh! How the movement has fallen!

Quick Hits

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