Chairman Lauzen visits Left, Right and You!

That’s right! The candidate forums continue with former State Senator and Kane County Chairman Chris Lauzen dropping by to answer our questions.

lauzen 4


If you have a question for the candidate, the Amazing Derek will be happy to take your call (847-931-1410) and pose it directly to the Chairman.

And the only place you get these in-depth candidate interviews is Left, Right and You, Mondays at 9 a.m. and Thursdays at 3 p.m. with the Smiling Conservative, Larry Jones, and me, the Curmudgeonly Liberal, on WRMN AM1410. Please join us!

3 thoughts on “Chairman Lauzen visits Left, Right and You!

  1. Have the chairman call me on the well documented lead situation in Kane County. Or maybe he’s waiting for the EPA and OIG to get involved. Oh wait, they already are! OIG dropped the ball right on the County Board’s table and the Federal EPA referred it to the State EPA for now. Can’t wait for the Federal OIG to come calling to the state level.

    He called me to try and knock down my support of the Sheriff and the Coroner out of the blue and chatted up the accomplishments of my daughter so he could at least return his own calls on the lead thing, not hand them over to DCHD head Barb Jeffers…. who doesn’t return her calls come to think of it either.

    Weak county leadership.

  2. Dear Dear Jeff your blind love for this phony is nauseating. Lauzen is always the victim and everyone else is the bad guy. The only good thing about this is less and less people are buying his drivel and soon he’ll be relegated the place all has beens go. BTW I tried to call in the show but in your lust for this guy you gave out the wrong phone number. Too bad – I had some great questions for this for him regarding his treatment of women that work for him. Oh and as a professional campaign consultant who was the last candidate you worked for and what was the outcome?

    • Caty,

      I like Chris Lauzen and you don’t. So what? At least I’m making no effort to change your mind. Though the fact that I nauseate you is certainly a bonus.

      And not only did we give out the correct phone number on the show, but it’s printed in the blog post above. I’m guessin’ you misdialed.

      Lastly, since you’re certainly not my mother, I really don’t have to answer to you.


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