Quick Hits – February 4, 2016

Oh Campton my Campton!

You all already know I have a special affinity for my Campton Hills brothers and sisters, if for no other reason that they wave at reasonable road bikers with more than one finger. But, holy crap guys! I’ve never met a bigger bunch of NIMBY (look it up) devotees in my entire bleepin’ life.

To quote the great Quincy Wagstaff Adams, “Whatever it is, they’re against it.”

Emboldened by their success in defeating a 2013 rehab center entry attempt, the citizens of Campton Hills are pulling out all the stops to stop the latest addiction center proposal by Maxxam LLC. This time they’ve gone as far as distributing dire missives predicting that drug addicted werewolves will eat their children.

Campton Hills.jpgEven Kane County Sheriff Don Kramer, who’s clearly gunning for a second term, is getting in on the act. He claims the new center will generate 300 police calls a year which means his deputies would be there Monday through Friday. C’mon! There are crack houses that don’t get that many police calls!

And just where will these high end clients, who will pay thousands of dollars to voluntarily check themselves in, get the drugs to overload 911? Either Campton Hills is a little seedier than I thought, or MMA bouts are gonna be part of the recovery program.

Of course, the Fox River and Countryside Fire Protection and Rescue District couldn’t wait to wade in too! They declared the center would mean another 150 emergency calls a year.

First, considering the FRCFPRD’s forecasting track record (we’ll talk about that on Left, Right and you today), I wouldn’t believe them if they said, “Tomorrow, the sun will rise in the east.” And second, 150 emergency calls a year? That’s one every 2.5 days. Apparently they’re buying into the easy drugs and MMA therapy theory as well.

But sadly, all these nattering naybobs of Campton negativity have a huge problem. Unlike the first rehab effort, Maxxam isn’t asking CH to annex the land, so all the zoning issues fall into the County Board’s lap.

Also unlike the 2013 group, this one ain’t afraid to play hardball. Maxxam Attorney Andrew Kolb told the zoning hearing board, “Our patients are not felons. They are not criminals. The Fair Housing Act was designed to prevent this not-in-my-backyard mentality. The federal law mandates that disabled people not be treated with fear … with anger or with disrespect.”

Then he said they’d sue the County if that’s what it took to get a fair shake.

And if you’ve ever listened to my esteemed Left, Right and You co-host, Larry Jones, you know the FHA takes a very dim view of government entities that commit even the slightest Fair Housing Act errors.

So with Kane County already being sued by pending Blackjacks Gentlemen’s Club owner Debra Diaz on similar grounds, the board won’t risk a second no-win lawsuit. Just like the Longmeadow Parkway, this rehab center is a done deal folks! In six short months, we’ll all forget it’s there.


Proft backs Skillicorn!

While that news is certainly making its way through our perpetually electrified political airwaves, my off-the-cuff response would be, “and the sky is blue, right?” In other words, so what?

ProftWe already know that Governor Moneybags gave conservative radio talk show host and former gubernatorial candidate Dan Proft about $2 million to shower upon worthy 2016 Republican candidates. And so far, Proft has allocated 10 grand to 66th District State Rep candidate Allen Skillicorn, which comes to a whopping .5 percent of that campaign cash.

Be still my beating heart!

The average successful non-incumbent Illinois state rep race can easily run a candidate $100,000, and with a potential Democratic General Election opponent, Allen’s gonna have to spend some cash. So while it’s certainly heartening to get a nice chunk of change from one donor, that telethon tote board would be sitting at a scant 10 percent.

I’d also like to add that Dan Proft ain’t a loon. (Though that’s certainly not setting the conservative bar too high.) Aside from me, he may well be the only person who truly understands what it takes to get Illinois Republicans elected, and how to effectively govern in the rare case they do get elected.

The only thing I do find surprising about all this is that 6th rate campaign manager Drew Veeneman didn’t get someone to call into Left, Right and You to challenge that 10 grand like he did with Elgin City Councilwoman Rose Martinez. I’d say Drew’s losing his touch, but he never had one.

(Sorry Allen, I couldn’t help it!)


Meesa think museum is really bad idea, meesa does!

Jar JarA federal lawsuit by Friends of the Parks notwithstanding, it looks like construction will start on the Chicago lakefront Lucas museum, on public land no less, by early spring.

Ain’t that just what the Capital of Midwest Mayhem really needs, a monument to mediocrity honoring a director who made some of the worst and most overhyped movies of all time. What’s next? The John Kass School of impenetrable writing?

All I can say is, an entryway statue of Jar Jar Binks would be entirely appropriate.


Quick Hits

2 thoughts on “Quick Hits – February 4, 2016

  1. How about Sleepy Hollow, where conservative ideology meets reality?

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