This is the November 9, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

And apparently, as the lovely Mrs. Swoboda (Elgin Police Chief’s Jeff Swoboda’ wife) pointed out, it’s bad form to say women can’t drive SUVs on the air. So please let me revise that statement. Only women who don’t listen to Left, Right and You can’t handle an SUV.

With that out of the way, Derek and I did discuss:

  • An interesting new KDOT traffic initiative
  • The correct way to turn left
  • How the Daily Herald blew a golden opportunity to make a comeback
  • And some strange Kane County GOP primary challenges


The Smiling Conservative will be back on Thursday when we’ll cover all sorts of interesting local topics. And don’t forget that Elgin City Councilman Terry Gavin will be joining us in-studio on Thursday, November 19. Until then…

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