This is the October 29, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

We certainly managed to cover it all folks!

It will be interesting to see if the Edgar County Loons darken the U-46 Boardroom door again, but, other than planting the suggestion, board member Jeanette Ward was not responsible for the recent attempted citizens arrest of the entire school board.

We also discussed the inevitable demise of the Fox River and Countryside Fire Protection District. This is yet another case in which the privatization of government services failed miserably.

And speaking of predictable results, LR&Y was first to report the death of the Quad St. Charles Mall. It’s all over but the shouting folks!

Jeff and Larry 3Monday! County Board Member Kurt Kozjarek discusses the ongoing Kane County Coroner issue and Derek and I discuss the latest Republican debate – if that’s what you can call it. Until then…

8 thoughts on “This is the October 29, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

  1. If you would like to get all the facts straight on the meeting and our involvement we welcome it. Many of the representations you presented are factually wrong. For example, there was only ONE officer that showed up initially and no more were needed. Before we knew it, several were there talking in the lobby and doing NOTHING related to the matter at hand. At one time, 9 were present and I laughed at that because it was not necessary and told them that. The supervisor said its no problem, we dont have anything else going on. So to imply somehow we took cops off the street is inaccurate at best.

    We did not call the States Attorney as you claimed. The police did and they assured us we would be given our right to speak and if not, they would file a criminal complaint, per the direction from the States Attorney. The Board refused to allow us to speak and the police did what the States Attorney directed them to do.

    We tried multiple times to address the issue and were ignored and even the board attorney refused to give us his card until well after the police were called.

    To claim we go around doing this with documents in hand ready to pounce is totally false. We had no idea they were going to refuse to let us speak. Had they simply discussed the matter it would have been resolved without any issues.

    The very meeting posting and lack of posting we exposed has NOW been corrected and complies with the law. Was it so hard to simply do it right the first time like I asked them? Ignoring people that tried to talk to them falls short of a good faith effort, which I put forth.

    Interesting you make no mention of the illegal spending we exposed on the credit cards?

    Even more interesting, at no time did anyone stand up and try to arrest them. Where on earth did you get that information? You claimed a board member turned white when that happen? I must ask, who on earth told you a board member turned white? Since no one stood up and tried to arrest the board the claim is false.

    Comparing a catered meal every two weeks to Twinkies at a meeting misses the point. For a district so far in debt there is no justification nor language in the law that permits tax payer money to be used for that purpose.

    Our primary purpose for showing up was to discuss the illegal spending on the credit cards, meals, and to point out the board does not have the legal authority to forbid a board member from access to closed session records. Had they permitted us our time to speak during the 5:15 meeting, which had its own meeting notice and agenda, we would have presented our information and left. Sadly, instead of talking the issue through we were at one point told we would be charged with trespass for further attempts of exercising our rights.

    And please, cracks about my wife are out of line. I have been married very happily for going on 25 years. My wife supports me in all my work. If you think I enjoy being away from my family doing government accountability work then clearly you have no idea who I am or what I am about.

    And on another note, your reference to Clarendon hills is totally wrong. We never mentioned one persons name as far as being in a debt to the city. We pointed out the law and that records reflect at least two were not in compliance with the law, then we left. We had no idea anyone resigned over it until late that night.

    More interesting in that case, they too were not going to let us speak. We informed them since it was in fact a public meeting we had a right to speak. They then allowed us to speak. Once we were done we left.

    Kirk Allen
    Edgar County Watchdogs

    • Kirk,

      1. Three separate sources – not including the newspapers – said six officers had to show up to deal with your bogus citizens arrest. Thus, we stand by what we reported.

      2. Neither Larry nor I said you called the State’s Attorney. We said the Elgin Police officer called the states attorney. You clearly don’t have your facts right here.

      3. Trying to resolve an issue at any board meeting is pointless because it’s tool late to perform the appropriate research. You were at a previous U-46 school board meeting and if you had an issue, you could’ve emailed Tony Sanders directly and I guarantee you he would have addressed it as he did after you attempted to bully the board.

      4. There was nothing to correct – the meetings were completely above board and within the bounds of the law. I know this because I’ve been covering government bodies for over 10 years. The only reason U-46 changed anything is because they don’t want lunatics like you showing up again. Even if there actually was an issue, what wrong did you right? A possible technicality?

      5. Dude! You tried to perform a citizens arrest of the entire U-46 school board. And you did it in Clark County too.

      6. The credit card spending is not illegal, the meals are not illegal, and a board member WHO WAS NOT A BOARD MEMBER at the time has no right to previous closed session minutes unless they have bearing on a current or ongoing issue.

      7. I would’ve charged you and your cohort with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct and, considering the way you conduct yourselves, it will happen very soon.

      8. Is everybody wrong, but you? The Clarendon Hills story has been reported at lease twice and probably more. And our version aren’t that different anyway. This case, more than any, proves just what a bully you are. Again, you could’ve contact the mayor or board members and tried to solve the problem before acting like loons.

      9. Crack about your wife? I simply said I wouldn’t want to be married to you. It was a joke – with a bit of truth in it. Please tell me you’re not another one who can dish it out, but can’t take it.

  2. And if you really want to know who we are or what we are about, research who was the first to expose illegal spending and contracts at the College of DuPage. Our work there has now led to Federal Investigations, States Attorney investigations, US Department of Education, as well as the Higher Learning Commission confirming credit hours were being given in violation of the rules.

    We could give a rats back side what political party these people are tied to. We simply want the laws we have on the books followed. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • I’m not saying you don’t, on rare occasion, actually do some good. But the damage you do more than offsets any positives.

      And I can give a rat’s backside about what you think when clearly, this you are engaged in a blowhard game of self-aggrandizement for no other reason than to make yourselves feel important. And if you want to debate any of this on the radio show, you are welcome to call in.


  3. 1. Did the police tell you they needed that many there? Just this week I got this message from one of the officer that was there. “At very least, I appreciate the opportunity to learn thanks to your group’s willingness to teach.”

    We had a very professional interaction with the police and it was NOT in the board room in front of anyone. So not sure what source you have but considering I was there I know what happen.

    Writing up the complaint at the meeting? No such thing happen. Another misrepresentation. If the board members were named in a complaint then it was the police that did the naming as my complaint did not mention a single board member by name. And to top it off, my complaint was filed 2-3 days later when I got back in the office.

    And to prove your sources wrong, there was no citizen arrest initiated. We informed the SINGLE officer what our intentions were if they refuse to let us speak and they assured us we will be allowed to speak and if not, they, the police, were directed to file a criminal complaint by the States Attorney. .

    And the fact the police were there does not mean it cost the taxpayer any more expense. They drew the same pay whether they were there or anywhere else.

    2. “The police wouldn’t arrest them so they called the States Attorney” Who is the THEY? Listening to the whole pieces it sure gives the impression the THEY was us.

    3. I have NEVER been to U46 prior to the meeting in question. We attend hundreds of board meetings and more often than not the issues are dealt with and fixed.

    4. So when the AG confirms they violated OMA are you going to stand by the position nothing was wrong? If you have been covering it for ten years then you should no there is no such thing as a technical violation. It is either violated or it is not.

    5. DUDE, we have been doing our work for over 4 years. ONE time, fully supported by the sheriff, a citizen arrested was initiated. IF you knew anything about what happen there you would understand. There was NO citizen arrest initiated on U46.

    And for the record, and I have to laugh, The American Bar Journal reported on the Clark County citizens arrest and even quote the county sheriff stating the the arrest was conducted responsibly.

    The law firm sponsoring your radio show agrees that an entire board can be arrested for violations of the act. this is the cover sheet for their presentation at the Illinois Library Association’s annual conference last year. Read the fine print at the bottom.

    6. Credit card spending not illegal? What part of the school code allows personal purchases on the tax payer dime? What part of Article VIII Section 1 of our constitution dont you understand? You sir are simply wrong. If it was all on the up and up then why after it getting exposed were reimbursements made and new procedures implemented?

    7. Another example of listening to hype instead of getting the facts. At no time did we disturb the peace and you cant claim trespass for coming to a public meeting, but sense you have been covering public meetings for ten years then you already know that.

    8. Not at all. But when we know we are right we are not going to back off. What you DONT know is we have been doing a study on how many public officials own their community a debt. The law says when that happens they forfeit their seat. What you dont know is the law has been changed to better address the issue after our first exposure of two Naperville city council members doing the same thing.. We work with public bodies all over the state and contrary to your attempt to imply its all a bunch of grandstanding, we simply want the law followed. We ask boards to correct the wrongs. When they do we normally dont have to go back.

    9. No sir that is not what you said. I understand humor but when you have never met me and no nothing about me, you stoop to a personal attack? That is not what I am about. And considering my background, I can in fact take what ever you want to throw. I just ask that you be able to back it up with facts, which frankly your show was filled with misrepresentations, which is why I commented.

    And since your so up on the open meetings act, go back and read it. You DO NOT have to take OMA training every year. Only FOIA has a yearly requirement.

    In addition, we have NEVER been to a meeting in Kankakee County so insinuating we tried to do something there tells me your not about facts, your about a show. If you confused Kankakee with Cahocia, which we recently reported a council member was arrested at the instruction of the mayor, we were not their.

    If you would like to have a face to face conversation over a cup of coffee to better understand what it is we do, we welcome that.

  4. I’m done talking here and I don’t have time for coffee. From this point forward, if you have something to say (though you can always post it here) come on the show.

  5. Live, not by phone.

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