This is the July 30, 2015 edition of Left Right and You!

And the Smiling Conservative and I covered it all!

Congratulations to the Pingree Grove City Council for winning the first ever Left, Right and You craziest governing body Rookie Of the Year award. If Mayor Wiedmeyer and Councilman Lamarca keep it up, they’ll take the crown from Carpentersville before you know it!

jeff and larryAnd shame on the Courier-News for running racist rants. I really thought the Tribune Company was better than this and I would encourage the 20 people who still have Courier-News subscriptions to immediately cancel them.

We also covered the Elgin Tower Building lawsuit part II, and the Kane County Coroner’s latest follies.

Monday, Elgin Police Chief Jeff Swoboda fills in for Larry as we discuss some of the in-the-press issues facing police departments these days. Until then…

3 thoughts on “This is the July 30, 2015 edition of Left Right and You!

  1. Actually, according to the news stories it doesn’t sound like Russell’s going to automatically review every case. He does talk about people requesting. I’m sure he’ll just restrict it to those cases that he and his PR person decide could bring him the most publicity. I think he should start with Elvis’ cause of death — or if it’s even really him in that grave!

  2. Oh, “Other Jeff N.” HOW could you be that CYNICAL???

    When Russell ran for Coroner, didn’t he claim that a “crime investigator” would be a better coroner than a doctor?

    Are you insinuating this is only about publicity???

    (sarcasm intended.)

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