This is the Thursday July 16, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

As promised! The Smiling Conservative and I covered a lot of local news ground today. So sit back in that easy chair, grab a beer and listen for yourself.

Jeff n LarryMonday! We’ll discuss the Elgin Tourism Bureau and, while it isn’t always easy, you can measure these kinds of deliverables. Until then…

3 thoughts on “This is the Thursday July 16, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

  1. Why Jeff thank you for your sort of, kind of retraction. I appreciate that you would do so. While I could continue to comment on the rest of what was discussed, I believe I will let it pass for now.

    I think you and I can agree that elected officials, especially local ones who are lightly compensated–if at all–have a tough enough and often thankless job without being unduly accused of misconduct. All of them are subject to missteps, some defensible, while others are not. I am certain in their term of service there will be plenty of actual comments made where you and I will be able to engage in a lively exchange. As they say, the truth is stranger–and so much richer– than fiction. I’m certain they won’t disappoint us.

    BTW, you may be interested in the comments I will be making to the School Board on Monday regarding curriculum. I’ll post them once I have made them.

  2. Ms. Schmidt,

    I wouldn’t use the word “retraction” as much as much as “adjustment.” Because I still find the Examiner’s self explained series of password revealing events to be questionable at best. Trust me, I would go to lengths to protect my sources too. And I was certainly not the only one who harbored that thought.

    You see, when folks like Ms. Ward are so blatant about seeing a commie under every rock, it’s sets them up for that kind of nefarious expectation. It should certainly come as no surprise to her. You don’t hear me complaining about folks coming back at me. I make choices and those choices bring very specific consequences. As the great Inspector Clouseau said, “It is all part of life’s rich pageant.”

    And sadly, the thought of you or any other Tea Partier speaking at that school board meeting truly terrifies me. Therefore, my fervent wish is that every attendee keeps Larry’s and my two underlying philosophical points in mind.

    The first is that if ANY level of government brings the public in on every potential decision, that group – city board, county board, or school board – will immediately grind to a halt. That’s why we elect folks to represent us and, hopefully, keep our best interest in mind. The curriculum in question is but one of six possible choices and, if you start fighting battles at that level, you will be labeled a loon and you will be shut out of the process.

    The second is that, no matter what curriculum U46 finally chooses, the teachers are not bound by it in any way shape or form. It’s actually in their contract! So U46 could enter into the most conservative curriculum in Illinois history and the teachers could completely ignore it. This whole argument is a red herring.

    Larry and I also agreed on the fact that Ms. Ward and Mr. Holt are marginalizing themselves to the point of being completely ineffective. And if that’s what they want to do, then so be it. But rest assured that choice will bring consequences too.

    • Alright, I can accept “adjustment.” I’ve spoken at school board multiple times, Jeff, but if a citizen and taxpayer exercising their right to freedom of speech “terrifies” you, I guess you’ll have to live with the nightmares. I don’t believe I heard Ms. Ward call for a committee on Unamerican activities, so I think you’re safe, however I would like to point out that there are over a billion people currently living under a Communist regime, so it’s not quite a dead political ideology.

      Just because we elect people to represent us, doesn’t mean we can’t disagree, even with them. I believe that is at the heart of our national political discourse in our Republic based upon democratic ideals and we haven’t ground to a halt yet.

      And one man’s “loon” is another’s “hero.” I believe they called the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, Galileo, et al crazy somewhere along the line. (Not that I’m putting our local school board members at the same level, it’s merely an analogy). Standing against the tide of our current Politically Correct culture can be rather lonely at times.

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