U46 curriculum continued!

I thought this blog comments section discussion deserved a bit more prominence, so I’m posting it here. Apparently unhappy with some of my statements on Left, Right and You, former Elgin city council candidate and local Tea Partier Julie Schmidt wrote this:

From Dictionary.com:

“Indoctrinating: to instruct in a doctrine, principle, ideology, etc., especially to imbue with a specific partisan or biased belief or point of view.”

Test Questions:
1. If facts are edited from any historical information or if only one perspective is offered, could that be considered a “biased belief or point of view?”
2. Does the word “indoctrination” scare people? If so, why?
3. Are school board members not allowed to use certain words? If so, which ones should be censored? (i.e. the “N” word is rather obvious)

From the StudySync curriculum quoted in the Examiner:

“On an assignment for Rudolfo Anaya’s poem ‘Elegy on the Death of Cesar Chavez’ it asks students to ‘support the evidence that Chavez was a protector of human rights.’ Chavez was a union organizer for migrant workers who was on the political left, and his mantra ‘Si se puede’ was adapted to ‘yes, we can’ for President Barrack Obama’s campaign slogan.”

Test Questions:
4. Where is the word “Communist” in this quote?
5. Is it true that Chavez was on the political “left”?
6. Is it true that Obama’s campaign slogan was “Yes, we can”?

Examiner: “However, by simply copying the redacted portions from the PDF file and pasting to a Word document that login info appeared, and after just a little review of the resources Ward’s concerns appear to have validation.”

Test Questions:
1. Who obtained the links and passwords?
2. Did anyone at LRY read the article?
3. Why do radio show hosts, one being a former reporter, continue to impugn one or more school board member without evidence?
4. How does a former reporter, not editor, know what an editor will do (i.e. NYT revealing national security information that actually does threaten real lives)?

General Test Questions:
1. When and how does “history” evolve?
2. Will 2+2 always equal 4?
3. If elected officials conduct a public town hall to make themselves available to their constituency, shouldn’t they be praised for it?

u46And here’s my reply:

Ms Schmidt,

It’s good that we’re doing it this way, because it’s the only way I’d get a word in edgewise.

But before I get to the questions specifically directed to me, for anyone of any ilk, insipid Tea Partier or otherwise, to claim that Cesar Chavez was anything but a protector of basic human rights belies a level of partisanship and ignorance that’s simply beyond the pale. Agribusinesses at the time devoted a lot of cash to making him go away.

As far as your actual question, for most folks, in certain circumstances, the words “left” and “communist” are interchangeable. The fact that Ms. Ward didn’t actually use that word is immaterial. As you may have noted, the fine folks at Fox News use hyperbole all the time so it would be disingenuous to complain about it when I do.

And to tie Chavez back to Barack Obama just makes the right look petty and stupid – not that it takes all that much to begin with. Now, on to the directed questions:

1. I certainly have no proof, but I personally believe Ms. Ward provided the passwords to the Examiner.

2. Yes! I did read the article, and as a 25+ year database/IT guy, the Examiner’s PDF to word cut-and-paste magically appearing passwords explanation is pure, unadulterated bull bleep. No one at the Examiner is that smart and that ain’t how it works.

3. It should be “former opinion columnist.” Though I have been known to do some digging when necessary. And it’s not only this radio show host, but the other one too! We have both taken the dynamic duo to task for taking the kids out of the equation and pressing an agenda solely for the purpose of their own political self-aggrandizement.

Perhaps, Ms. Schmidt, you weren’t listening when we took Tracy Ellis to task for her attempt to beat Ms. Ward in the race to the U46 School Board bottom. During that same show we praised Phil Costello for appearing to understand there’s at least a year-long school board learning curve.

The “impugning” of which you speak generally goes to their character or complete lack of it. To wit, how many times have we invited them on the show? Ah! But even they know they’re wrong so they’re far too chicken bleep to come on. They know their “ideology” can’t stand up to scrutiny.

And by the way! There’s plenty of evidence! Given how dangerous folks like Ms. Ward and Mr. Holt can be, I’m not nearly ready to move on yet either.

4. Again, it’s former opinion columnist. And I know none of the real local editors would’ve released those passwords because I’ve worked with most of them. None of my former editors would’ve released them either. I know this is difficult for you to understand, but those passwords were there for a reason – the curriculum was not yet under contract.

The real solace here is that the Examiner has only about four readers and none of ‘em know how to use a computer.

And to compare that kind of password passing out pouting to the Snowden revelations regarding an entirely ILLEGAL NSA program shows just how fascinating you and your group really are. Sorry, but the fact that you don’t like this potential curriculum is utterly immaterial to the debate.

As for the town hall meeting. Not only was it not a town hall meeting, but, as I said on the show, Ms. Ward and Mr. Holt don’t seem to realize they’ve already been elected. It’s like a bad Seinfeld episode. That meeting’s sole purpose was to promote a specific agenda, and when it didn’t go their way, Holt and Ward shut it down posthaste. So I firmly believe that praise is unnecessary.

Lastly, Ms. Schmidt, This isn’t about one viewpoint versus another or you’d either call in or come on the show (we will most certainly be discussing this on Thursday). No! It’s about you and your group’s continual failure to gain any traction and the death throes of the Tea Party movement.

As the past few weeks have clearly shown, the ultra-conservative folks whose idea of governing is to regularly throw temper tantrums are losing. And the reason they’re losing is their ideology is one of fear, pettiness, bigotry, control, domination and power. It has absolutely nothing to do with improving the human condition.

Just as it has always been with previous untenable historic political tangents, this one will also be relegated to history’s dustbin. I know that prospect terrifies you, but despite your best efforts to the contrary, that doesn’t make it my problem.

I hope this answers all your questions.

13 thoughts on “U46 curriculum continued!

  1. (Burrrp!) Too much here for ME to digest.

  2. I agree with all your responses, but I’ll have to admit as a centrist (maybe leaning toward the liberal side) I believe Snowden harmed our country and didn’t care if he did. Frankly, I think Google, Microsoft, and all the phone companies have all the same info the NSA does, and probably more. Face it, everyone’s spying on us, the techies for big profits. I’m more worried about them than I am the NSA.

  3. I for one don’t understand why Ms. Schmidt would even argue with Mr. Ward. Hasn’t she figured out yet that he is ALWAYS correct? BTW Jeff, how is your knee feeling these days?

    • At last! Someone out there who understands the facts as they really are. But I do give Ms. Schmidt a lot of credit for placing her name squarely across her thoughts – misguided though they may be. As far as the knee goes, arthritis is certainly something new and interesting, but it doesn’t affect my running in the least. So why not count your blessings!

  4. Ah Jeff, I so enjoy the give and take. Here goes:

    Of course you would get a word in. I don’t know where you seem to get this impression that our conversations are just diatribes on my part unless of course you’re projecting.

    I find the invectives–“insipid”–entertaining if they weren’t so adolescent.

    So let me see if I have this right, “left” and “communist” are interchangeable? How interesting. Oh, but I see that only applies when you decide that it does. And I find it humorous that even though a person doesn’t use the word, you know that they meant. When we’ve reached the state of Minority Report, I believe there may be an opening for you as a precog.

    “Many people may not realize that the origin of “Yes We Can!” President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan, was a direct translation of rallying cries of the farm workers movement led by César E. Chávez, founder of the United Farm Workers, an organization devoted to defending the rights of farmhands and field workers across the country.” CNN Cesar Chávez an inspiration to president’s campaign slogan and movements 3/27/2014

    1. You are wrong and have impugned someone without a shred of evidence and are morally and ethically wrong in doing so, one human to another.
    2. You are incorrect and I am also an IT gal of 30 years. If you do not properly redact the information in the text document before converting to a PDF it will be present.
    3. Ah, so now you’ve gone from a reporter to opinion columnist. Maybe you should utilize that phrasing on air more often. And you don’t think you may be pressing an agenda solely for the purpose of your own self-aggrandizing? Things that make you say “Hmmm.” Also, once I was able to pick myself up off the floor from LMAO regarding anyone being concerned about your “scrutiny” which is afterall nothing but self-delusional. Why would anyone who has been degraded with invectives like “bigot,” and falsely accused of releasing information bother to even attempt to reason with the unreasonable.
    4. Blah, blah, blah.

    I wasn’t talking about Snowden, I was making the analogy to newspapers releasing far more serious information that involved actual national security, but I realize that is lost on you.

    I have heard you lament on many occasions how awful it is that elected officials don’t make themselves available to the public, so when two of them do in order to have a dialog with the public, you lambast them for it. Are you off your schizophrenic meds today?

    Obviously it’s not about one viewpoint versus another because the only one you deem worthy is yours. As you state, “As the past few weeks have clearly shown, the ultra-conservative folks whose idea of governing is to regularly throw temper tantrums are losing. And the reason they’re losing is their ideology is one of fear, pettiness, bigotry, control, domination and power. It has absolutely nothing to do with improving the human condition.” Gee, that just oozes with love and compassion for the human condition along with welcoming open civilized dialog.

    Well since I have work to be doing, Jeff, I so apologize that I don’t have time to be listening to your show which by the way is my solace in that you have about a hand full of listeners.

    “¡Si se puede!”

    • Ms. Schmidt,

      Though I frequently do my damndest to earn the “cad” sobriquet, this is not one of those times! The invocations you cited were not hurled at you, but the tea party movement in general. Though perhaps the “insipid” incident was somewhat slung at the Examiner.

      To wit, I still have no clue as to your specific thoughts on Cesar Chavez – and, trust me, I’m not asking.

      Point two, my description of the Tea Party movement was intended to tread along these lines – all thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs. Put more simply, the tea party movement is, in great part, driven by bigotry, but not all tea partiers are bigots.

      I supposed that lack of nuance conundrum often plagues the written word. Though I also think there was some ego involved in assuming I was specifically going after you.

      And lastly, the fact that you simply repeated your original contentions in your second reply renders them no more accurate than they were the first time.

      • You stated that I am a “local Tea Partier,” and now restate the Tea Party is driven by bigotry and was insipid, therefore by association, yes I would assume you were including me.

        I have no opinion on Cesar Chavez.

        Prove that the Tea Party is/was driven by bigotry, I thought it was big government. What is your supporting evidence, less “I personally believe it”?

        If you are responding to me and my opinion, you are writing about me. It is not ego, it is communication.

        And your opinion that my reply is no more illuminating may merely be due to invincible ignorance.

  5. Jeff you have always been the “ghost writer” mouthpiece for Chris Lauzen and all the things he wants to say but can’t because it would “affect” his image of himself. So are you saying now that Lauzen has fallen out of love with the tea party? Just a few years ago you (and Lauzen) were singing the virtues of the the tea party and now you lambaste them at every turn. You probably should go back and read some of your old columns. You can’t remember what you said two months ago!

    • Kimmy

      I swear, I would love to be on some of the drugs you folks are clearly taking. To live in a reality that fluid must really be something.

      First, Chris and I became friends because of his humorous response to a column in which I claimed he “Had a knack for political suicide, he doesn’t play well with others, and if he ever hears the word ‘Hastert’ he goes off like a doberman pinscher on a prowler.”

      And anyone who can have fun with themselves in that manner is someone worth knowing.

      Second, I have never extolled the virtue of the tea party. In the movement’s early days I did say I was cautiously optimistic about these folks making a fiscal difference, but that certainly hasn’t come to pass. Chris I and have, and will continue to disagree on tea partiers.

      Chris and I also completely disagree on a number of social issues, but not only are those contentions a thing of the political past, but no County Chairman can affect any of ’em. If Dan Cronin tried to ban same-sex marriage it probably wouldn’t work out too well for him.

      Ah! But while all the other bleepin’ Republicans in Kane County insist upon spending my money, Chris Lauzen doesn’t! As he promised, the County tax levy is locked in ice. And that’s something I can live with.

      In addition, there’s very little rancor on the board, he’s letting the committee heads do their jobs, and the business of the County regularly moves forward. What’s killing all the Lauzen haters is they can’t stand the fact he’s doing a great job.

      Here’s the thing! Most conservatives, and certainly people like you, have such fragile self-definitions that they can only handle people who completely agree with them. Anything else would require a level of introspected they simply aren’t capable of.

      So Chris and I disagree on the tea party! It’s no big deal. He doesn’t invite me to those gatherings and I don’t invite him to Democratic fundraisers. That’s another thing I can live with.

      • Well said, but your next to last paragraph applies equally to both fringes, i.e. the far right fringe/tea party and the far left fringe (hmm, we need a name for them, they should get to have a party, too).

  6. Jeff,

    Thank you sir!

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