This is the July 9, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

Which didn’t quite work out as we expected, but as the great Inspector Clouseau once said, “It is all part of life’s rich pageant.” Ms. Chapa Lavia had to turn her full attention to the state budget impasse and she will endeavor to come on the show as soon as she possibly can. Larry and I look  forward to hearing what she has to say about her Aurora mayoral run.

Jeff n LarryBut we did discuss:

  • How the Longmeadow Loons threatened a Kane County Board member
  • How the Algonquin Village Board stood up to the Longmeadow Loons
  • How Kane County Coroner Rob Russell is winning the race to the Republican bottom with his “press secretary”
  • How U-46 School Board member Jeanette Ward is a bigger loon than the Longmeadow folks
  • How the Gasthaus Zur Linde in Elgin is on the way out

Monday, Melynda Benjamin will fill in for the Smiling Conservative once again as we discuss how to end inner city violence with Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin. Commissioner Boykin put forth some interesting ideas in recent Tribune article. Until then…

4 thoughts on “This is the July 9, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

  1. Enjoyed the discussion. One rather minor correction: Aurora has TWO at-large aldermen, not one. Robert O’Connor has been one for like 800 years, wins handily in that position, doubt he’d want to be mayor. The other is Richard Irvin (a Republican although the aldermanic and mayoral races are “non-partisan”), who ran for mayor in 2005 & 2009 and lost to Weisner both times; with Weisner out of the picture he’d be a possible candidate but doubt he could beat Linda. There’s also a possibility of Stephanie Kifowit, who came in third in 2009 (but I don’t think she’d go up against Linda). Another interesting possibility being thrown around is (drum roll) Chris Lauzen. He’s been building a good reputation as County Chair. As a Kane County resident, I want him where he is. As an Aurora resident, I’d vote for him to move to City Hall.

  2. Elect Lauzen mayor, and six months later he’d have feuds going with two or three other elected officials…just like he has now, with Coroner Rob Russell and Sheriff Don Kramer.

    I know a lot of people are Lauzen’s “True Believers,” but when you get a peek behind the Lauzen curtain, what you see doesn’t look so good.

  3. From

    “Indoctrinating: to instruct in a doctrine, principle, ideology, etc., especially to imbue with a specific partisan or biased belief or point of view.”

    Test Questions:
    1. If facts are edited from any historical information or if only one perspective is offered, could that be considered a “biased belief or point of view?”
    2. Does the word “indoctrination” scare people? If so, why?
    3. Are school board members not allowed to use certain words? If so, which ones should be censored? (i.e. the “N” word is rather obvious)

    From the StudySync curriculum quoted in the Examiner:

    “On an assignment for Rudolfo Anaya’s poem ‘Elegy on the Death of Cesar Chavez’ it asks students to ‘support the evidence that Chavez was a protector of human rights.’ Chavez was a union organizer for migrant workers who was on the political left, and his mantra ‘Si se puede’ was adapted to ‘yes, we can’ for President Barrack Obama’s campaign slogan.”

    Test Questions:
    4. Where is the word “Communist” in this quote?
    5. Is it true that Chavez was on the political “left”?
    6. Is it true that Obama’s campaign slogan was “Yes, we can”?

    Examiner: “However, by simply copying the redacted portions from the PDF file and pasting to a Word document that login info appeared, and after just a little review of the resources Ward’s concerns appear to have validation.”

    Test Questions:
    1. Who obtained the links and passwords?
    2. Did anyone at LRY read the article?
    3. Why do radio show hosts, one being a former reporter, continue to impugn one or more school board member without evidence?
    4. How does a former reporter, not editor, know what an editor will do (i.e. NYT revealing national security information that actually does threaten real lives)?

    General Test Questions:
    1. When and how does “history” evolve?
    2. Will 2+2 always equal 4?
    3. If elected officials conduct a public townhall to make themselves available to their constituency, shouldn’t they be praised for it?

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