The Race to the Kane County Republican bottom is on!

A few months back, after Sheriff Don Kramer single-handedly blew a gaping $2.5 million hole in his own budget, a local politician called and asked me, “Who’s the happiest man in Kane County?” I thought about it for a while, and when I couldn’t come up with an answer, he chortled, “Rob Russell! He’s no longer the village idiot.”

Apparently unhappy with the loss of that title, Coroner Russell seems determined to get it back and he may well have succeeded. You see, I just came back from the Judicial and Public Safety Committee meeting where they announced that the Coroner had just hired a press secretary!

I mean c’mon! If the President has one… Although I will say that at least the Commander-in-Chief’s constituency is actually alive.

Rob Russell

Rob Russell

And this new hire is brought to us by the same elected official who has more trouble staying within his budget than a middle-aged Mill Creek housewife with a brand new credit card. Despite signing a document – in my presence – swearing to keep his budget flat for three years after getting an early increase, Russell has ignored that promise every step of the way.

And let’s not forget the liquefied bodies and destruction of evidence as a the result of his failing to label a light switch either

But let’s humor the Coroner for a second and consider that his 6 to 8 person office really does require the services of a press secretary… Sorry, I can’t do it because I’m laughing too bleepin’ hard.

Perhaps this new hire could field those once-every-three-month calls from the only remaining newspaper. Or they could fend off the adoring throngs that regularly besiege the Coroner’s front door. There’s always the possibility of working on the website to attract new customers – though I suppose that move could be perceived as being a wee bit morbid.

To make matter even more interesting, this hire once worked for 33rd District State Senator and former Kane County Chairman, Karen McConnaughay, in both capacities. And to put the icing on the clown cake, the Coroner didn’t even bother to show up to this morning’s meeting either.

So what I want to know is, when are Kane County Republicans finally going to stand up and stand behind all that party of fiscal sanity blather? When are they going to prove their insistent and specific conservative talking points by calling out their own for violating those precepts first?

Because, while Illinois Democrats certainly have their problems, they’re nowhere near as embarrassing as far too many Kane County Republicans clearly are.

So the race to the Kane County GOP bottom is on and not even I’m willing to place a bet on who’s gonna win this one. All I can tell you is Coroner Russell just took the lead against a guy who blew his budget in just 15 days. And that, my friends, takes real talent.

5 thoughts on “The Race to the Kane County Republican bottom is on!

  1. What’s the salary for the press secretary?

  2. They all take care of each other. That’s one of the problems.

    This is what you get with any “one party” government.

  3. The Coroner’s OFFICE doesn’t need a Press Secretary. This specific Coroner does. She should be getting paid out of his campaign funds, NOT county funds. And with as bad as he needs help in this area, that $125/hr is gonna rack up big time.

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